Monday, April 8, 2013

Life's Little Details

"The details are not the details. They make the design." — Charles Eames
Happy Monday, y'all! Does that sound natural yet? I didn't think so, but I figured it was worth a shot since Texas is in our future again. Maybe one of these days it will become second nature and just roll right off my tongue (or keyboard). Don't worry; I won't force it. I really hope that my tuning in to the ACM Awards last night to watch George Strait and Garth Brooks perform together earned me a few Texas stars. Later this year, we'll bid our flip flops adieu and shine off the ol' cowboy boots. Who am I kidding? I don't own a pair...yet!

Over the past few weeks, it's become more and more evident that our next move is just what we need. Flyboy left for a quick trip this week, and I feel so incredibly blessed by all the time we've got to spend together lately. Pinch me! It's just so nice to have my best friend around. That sounds so cheesy and many of you might roll your eyes, but it's the truth. It's nice to have someone to rely on and banter with. Get this, we BOTH went to the vet with the pups this past week for their annual exams. I didn't have to handle them on my own. Of course, I still had a few moments where I felt like Ouiser Boudreaux — I don't think there will ever be a day I don't feel this way, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Aside from sharing parental puppy duties, we've had the opportunity to delight in mundane tasks like grocery shopping and yard work to more exciting things like frequent visits to the beach and hosting dinner with friends at Lil' Puna. It feels like we're living and living well.*

A few insta-update notes...
  • Flyboy's Flapjacks: I told you about my recent pancake kick and FB is pretty good at making them.
  • Scrumptious Sweets: Bookmark or pin these two delicacies — Knock You Naked Brownies and Butterfinger Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars. They were both a-mazing!
  • Domino Small Spaces: For those of you that asked, there is a lot of old content in this special edition issue; however, I don't mind the beautiful repeats. Like visiting an old friend, it's just nice to flip through pages of interior design bliss.
  • The 2nd Annual Puna Puppy Easter Egg Hunt: This has crazy dog lady written ALL over it, but I could care less. Last year, the dogs didn't really know what to do with the eggs, but they knew there was some sort of treat inside. We would follow them around the yard, open the eggs, and feed them Snausages and whatnot. We tried it again this year, and it was a total success. They learned how to open the eggs by themselves, and it was a hoot. The hunt only lasted about four minutes, but it was enough to warm my heart for weeks. It was one of those fun little moments that I'll never forget.
  • Snail Mail Surprise: My sister visited my parents and I so badly wish that I could have joined them. Despite being a no-show, they sent me a fabulous care package that included all sorts of goodies from Trohv, Trader Joe's, Drybar, and H&M. It was a definite highlight to my week.
  • You've Got Fancy Mail: Since Flyboy will be away for a few days, I plan on catching up on my correspondence. I will definitely be putting my new stamps and notecards to good use.
  • Cowboy Burgers and Pretzel Buns: Sounds fancy, wouldn't you say? We had friends over to the house for dinner this past weekend and Flyboy's co-worker, good friend, doppelgänger, etc. prepared an amazing feast for us. We were all impressed with the Pretzel Buns he prepared; they were outstanding! In fact, his burgers and buns were SO amazing, he is deserving of a bloggie nickname. It's currently pending, but my creative wheels are in motion. I will get back to you all once I've come up with something clever.

I hope you had a swell weekend. 
What did you do that made you grin from ear to ear? Give it up. I'm dying to know!

*In case you weren't aware, that was a George Strait reference. I think that's worthy of another Texas star.
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