Thursday, November 7, 2013

Art I Heart: Jenny Pennywood

"Jenny Pennywood works on paper and thinks in pattern."
Since I spent yesterday's post bragging about inspiration, I figured I should probably give it up already and share the source of my giddiness. I give you the jaw-dropping artwork of Jenny Pennywood. The paintings are bubbly and fun, just like their creator, Jen Garrido. Such happiness is evident by looking through some of her sketchbooks, which were featured on the Anthology Magazine blog earlier this year. The idea of Jenny Pennywood was created in 2008 when the artist named her alter art persona, Jenny Pennywood, in an attempt to keep her painting career separate from her graphic design and illustrative career. What a brilliant idea! I especially love the way Jenny seamlessly pairs bright neon colors with earthy and muted hues (chiaroscuro, anyone?). "Sunset #2" is my absolute favorite!

Can't get enough of Jen and Jenny? Check out this studio tour and interview. You'll be smitten!
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Images via Jenny Pennywood
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