Friday, November 15, 2013

The Friday Five

Here's what left me feeling grateful this week:

ONE: Flyboy got back in the saddle this week and had his first flight in a T-6 in almost three years. Woo Hoo! It's the same plane that he initially trained in while attending undergraduate pilot training at Laughlin AFB back in 2009. He's currently training to be an instructor, and I couldn't be prouder! He's had his nose in the books for the past month, and I think he was eager to fly again. The pups and I were anxious all day just waiting to hear how it went. In fact, I almost lost Tripp's leash when I pointed up to the sky on one of our morning walks. Beesly has this thing about looking up at the sky whenever there are planes around. I promise I'm not being dramatic. She's a girl after her dad's heart.

TWO: If you heard a squeeing sound from afar, that was an overly-excited Ashley in Texas just geeking out about an early Christmas gift she received from her parents. Eek! I'm going to Blogshop, y'all!!!! I'm talking about THE Blogshop with the ├╝ber-talented Bri Emery and Angela Kohler. You know, the amazing Photoshop bootcamp that's filled with balloons and tassels in local venues filled with students ready to stuff their brains with all kinds of bloggie goodness. Yup! I'm going to THAT one. I'm over-the-moon with joy and truly grateful for the opportunity. Once again, my mom and dad's generosity overwhelms me. I'm not sure I can ever pay them back for this kind gesture, but I'm going to try!

THREE: My mom's birthday is on Monday, and I'm so blessed to call her MY mother and friend. She has a way of making everyone around her feel incredibly special and so very loved. It's a treasure to do life with her. Whenever I'm feeling down and need the perfect pick-me-up, she knows just the right words to put me at ease and make me smile. In the event I want to chitchat about recent pins or Etsy treasures, she meets my excitedness and manages to kick it up a notch! I've never met someone who approaches life with as much zeal as she does, but she makes me want to match her level of genuine enthusiasm and kindness. It's a gift to live each day with gusto like hers!

FOUR: I think it's safe to say we all live for the weekends, but I love them even more these days because I know Flyboy and I have another opportunity to explore the local area. It's a chance for FB to get away from the books and for me to step away from the computer and live a little. It usually includes some shopping and always revolves around food. This weekend, I'm looking forward to visiting New Braunfels a little more; we went there two weeks ago and attended Wurstfest. This time around, Gruene Hall (the oldest dance hall in TX) and Splendid + Spark are on the top of my list!

FIVE: I got my roots touched up. Aside from the stylist getting the color wrong initially (Rut-Roh!), I'm so happy to say good-bye to my ashy looking outgrowth. It was getting bad. Really, really bad. Finding a new place to get my hair did is probably the worst part about moving. That sounds melodramatic (like Beesly watching planes), but it's also true! 

Alright, enough about me... 
What made you feel happy or grateful this week? Enjoy your weekend to the fullest, m' dears!
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