Friday, November 8, 2013

The Friday Five

In the words of Michael Scott, "My heart is very full at this moment." Here's what left me feeling grateful this week... 

ONE: I've been told I'm an ambivert, although a big part of me still believes I'm an introvert through and through. I excel at spending time alone, but there are days when I've gone hours without human contact and I can't wait for Flyboy to return or hear the sound of my phone's ringtone —in that case, it's mostly always my mom. The pups and I take short walks throughout the day to break up the monotony, but I typically revert to my introverted ways when we're out and about because these two can be unruly and embarrassing in public. This past week, I've had a few brief encounters with people who live in the area, and their friendliness brightened my day. Whether it's a smile, holding the door, or a conversation about my mutts, I'm reminded that I DO need contact with people. I need opportunities to share my kindness with others. I want to give others a reason to smile, just as my acquaintances gifted me this past week.

TWO: Ever since Domino revamped their website, I've been enthralled! It's a source of inspiration that I NEEDED to have back in my life. The interactive layout makes me giddy for what's to come, and the images are enough to calm me and throw me into a tizzy simultaneously. What can I say, it's just nice to reconnect with an old friend!   

THREE: I got to add a few styling opportunities to my "To-Do" list this week, which means two things: 1.) I'm a busy bee, and 2.) I get to create. When I've got a decent workload, I'm a happier Ashley. It also means I get to play dress up with Beesly — a hobby that I absolutely adore! I've got a fresh bag of Beggin' Strips, here's hoping she'll cooperate...

FOUR: For my birthday, my parents bought me customized "Blogger Cards" from Rifle Paper Co. It was far too generous, and I cry just thinking about how much the gift has meant to me. The whole process has been amazing, and the designers have been wonderful to work with. This week, I received an email with a proof. Coincidentally, I was on the phone with my mom when I opened the attachment. Joyful tears started squirting from my eyeballs; I was a happy mess. I can't wait until I get to see them in person, and stow a few of them away in my purse.

FIVE: One of my aunts visited me on Monday, and I had the best time! With two different GPS's, this directionally-challenged duo managed to hop around San Antonio with a handful of detours, which made the reunion especially memorable. We visited El Mercado, a giant Mexican shopping center, and dined on the River Walk. For as long as I can remember, my family has always loved to see me squirm. Naturally, my aunt paid a Mariachi band $10 to serenade me at lunch. I wasn't sure what to do besides sit there, look around, and nervously smile at onlooking strangers. Ha Ha! Despite my awkwardness, I left the city with a stuffed belly, a set of miniature piñatas, and the haunting sound of a trumpet buzzing in my ears. Being in the company of family does the heart good.

Alright, enough about me... 
What made you feel happy or grateful this week? Enjoy your weekend to the fullest, m' dears!
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