Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life's Little Details

Here's a glimpse of what's been going on lately...
Polka-dot kicks that make walking the dogs so much sweeter.
Sending overdue snail mail to family and friends.  // Sparkly and colorful details are my fave, but you already knew that!
After B's window blinds fiasco, she goes in her crate when we leave. Tripp has used this as an opportunity to gloat and lay on the bed.
Despite a collection of cute tees, I'm happy to dust off my sweaters lately. // Yup, we went to a sausage fest! It was delicious.
There's nothing like a fresh notepad to inspire. // This 1Canoe2 gem is the only thing hanging up on our walls. It makes me so happy!
Eager to spend my birthday loot. J.Crew and Anthropologie beware!
Sunday errands are better with snazzy flats. // Stationery and birthday cake should mingle more often.
The rig is street legal in Texas! // An impromptu lesson on diesel from Flyboy at the local gas station.
A day trip to Austin has me itching to go back with this guy!
A birthday gift from a sweet friend. Thanks, Jenna! I'm suddenly more excited than ever to bake a pie (pumpkin).
"The details are not the details. They make the design." — Charles Eames

Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! It's been awhile since I shared snippets of what's been going on in Life's Little Details, one of my favorite series on the ol' blog. In fact, I had to edit the wording a bit and get rid of the Lil' Puna part. Sigh. I've yet to think of a clever name for our temporary digs, but before you know it we'll be settled in Swell Rio. Woo Hoo! When I try to brainstorm nicknames for our current living situation, I draw a blank. However, I can't help but giggle when I think about how things have changed since September. A few months ago, we lived on top of a hill that overlooked a bay on a street called Lilipuna. Now we live down the road from a place called Cooter Brown's. You read that right. Cooter Brown's. It doesn't get more Texas than that, my friends. I live for the day I have to give someone directions and refer to the tavern without snickering. Try it. Say Cooter Brown's with a straight face. It's impossible.

Hopefully, that glamorous detail about our current living sitch has you smiling! It gets me every time.
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