Thursday, February 20, 2014


Still Life with Monstera Plant, Newspaper and Imaginary Glasses
Milk Maketh the Man
Last fall, I featured one of Rob Hodgson's illustrations in this color study post. Does his work look familiar? If not, I won't hold it against you. All the color and whimsy from the OFD vault sort of blend together at times. In fact, I had to revisit Hodgson's website this week when my mom emailed me a link to Maison Alice—an online shop that sells prints from select illustrators, graphic designers, and typographers. Pretty cool, isn't it? Much to my delight, Hodgson has two pieces that are included in Maison Alice's current collection. After I realized the prints were by the same artist from that September color study post, I wandered on over to his blog and spent a good chunk of my morning happily clicking through his work. That's the best kind of clicking, believe me! You should try it. Like now, preferably. Well, this makes me sounds quite bossy, but I imagine you'll be overcome with the same delightful feelings. Now hop to it, and get to clicking! Assertive Ashley is practically giving you orders to smile like the adorable cactus sporting a mustache. I mean, what more could you want on a Thursday? Channel your inner Franny and have a fabulous day!

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