Friday, February 28, 2014


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Flora by Caitlin McGauley // If this watercolor doesn't get you excited about spring, I don't know what will! It's so happy.
  • Photo Booth Props // After thumbing through The Art of Vintage Cocktails book, I hopped on to Danielle Kroll's website to check out her latest work. These props are simply adorable, and I think they should be required at all parties.
  • Cotton Peacoat // You're going to see a few of my top picks from J.Crew's new arrivals in today's Love List, so get ready. And since Vibrant Flame is one of my favorite Crew colors, this swingy spring peacoat has my name written all over it.
  • Essie in Style Hunter // I had to leave most of my nail polish collection in Hawaii, and I've yet to find a go-to shade of pink. I keep checking Essie's website for new shades, and I have high hopes for this bright hue. Do you have a favorite?
  • Mango Raspberry Smoothie // Don't get me wrong, I love our juicer, but I can't wait to be reunited with our blender so we can make smoothies again. This combination sounds delightfully refreshing!
  • Kiki Cork Ballet Flats // I've yet to add a pair of Kiki flats to my collection, but that might have to change. These are so versatile and I LOVE the cork texture. I'm thinking it's a sweet everyday kinda shoe. Who's with me?!
  • Crystal Shoe Clips // I've been drooling all over the Lulu Frost clips since last fall, but I like the price tag on these better. 
  • O-Ring Braided Belt // Bright Kiwi all day, every day. It's the kind of color that's begging you to have a fab day!
  • Busy Bee Notebook // I love a good notebook and this little guy is perfect for a gal on the go. In case you're wondering, I'm talking about myself and YOU if you're interested. Do you like how I try to rationalize the addition of another notebook to my collection? This all plays a role in the paper and office supply hoarding problem that I have.
  • Gel Pen // Oh Poppin, I've been waiting for the day you come out with a gel pen. This is a game changer, my friends!
  • Domino Magazine: Spring 2014 Issue // Be still my heart. No matter what we do this weekend, I MUST get my hands on a copy. Recycled material or not, I look forward to a quarterly reunion with my favorite glossy. It's perfection!
  • Warby Parker Spring 2014 Collection // Too bad I don't have a pair of faux specs to throw on while I pore over Domino.

There you have it, m' dears! Cheers to a snazzy weekend. Make it count. 
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