Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today's Need Read Greed, courtesy of the lovely Bethany Curd of Absolutely (Extra)ordinary:
  • NEEDI’m a little late to the juicing game, but it has become clear to me that a juicer is something sorely missing from my life. These days I haven't had a ton of time to tinker in the kitchen, so the idea of throwing a bunch of ingredients together for a quick healthy drink sounds very appealing to me!
  • READHonestly, I’m not typically the biggest Stephen King (read: horror) fan, but this one looks too intriguing to pass up. The idea of people traveling back in time to try and prevent the JFK assassination mixes a little bit of history with Sci-Fi, and this one is at the top of my reading list.
  • GREEDI’m tempted to put this under the “need” category because my current pair of blank ankle boots is near death, but these are definitely more of an "in-my-dreams" item. They have a little bit of edge but also feel chic. I’m in love.

Thanks for sharing, Bethany! 
I know you're going to love the juicer, and I think that's one Stephen King novel I could get into (never thought I'd say that!).
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