Monday, February 24, 2014


Beesly always takes time to read her favorite glossies.
A few things I picked up for Flyboy. They have his name written all over them.
Attempting to mix things up with the clothes I packed. Swapping accessories or a splash of color can add excitement to old outfits.
Organizing my baubles. When they're all lined up, it's like a b-e-a-utiful piece of artwork.
Colorful blooms add a touch of Spring to our temporary digs. We're getting closer!
On Sunday afternoon, Flyboy sat down to study and I had big bloggie plans for today's post. Big plans! Okay, actually it was going to be the usual Insta-update post (nothing terribly fancy), but I had every intention to open up Photoshop, put on my blogger hat, and do something creative with my time. I felt ambitious, but after 3 hours of struggling with the Creative Cloud app, I was on the verge of a toddler meltdown, and I was drained. I can't remember how many times I installed and uninstalled the software in an effort to fix the snafu. To all those who were witness—Flyboy, Tripp, and Beez—my sincerest apologies. I owe you Milkbones and the cocktail of your choice. Sweet readers, I'm sorry I couldn't wow you with something fancy today . I don't know how I managed to complicate things, but I did. Putting together this particular post shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but I finally decided to upload a few photos that make me smile and just call it a day. Ha Ha! Blogging has always been synonymous with joy and relaxation for me, but on Sunday it felt more like I had a case of the Mondays and nothing seemed to go right. We all have moments like these that test us, and I realized I wasn't going to prove anything by cursing my laptop. Instead, I opted to step away from the computer, listen to "Happy," turn on Bravo, and cross my fingers that I would fare better with Sunday night's dinner.

If you find you're having one of those days, just dance it out. I promise it works every time.
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