Tuesday, April 5, 2016



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's jump straight into the details...

  • Getting groceries at HEB last Friday was magical, you guys. I left with THREE bundles of Ranunculus (Gluttonous? Nope, not when it comes to flowers.), which NEVER happens. On top of that, I saw a cowboy driving a Volkswagen Jetta. I know what you're thinking... #COWBOYTAKEMEAWAY. Thank goodness I was parked when I spotted him because the excitement that ensued in that moment could have gotten us into an accident. I could hardly contain myself! Several days have passed and I'm still wondering how much room there was between his ginormous black cowboy hat and the roof of the vehicle. Something tells me that I will more than likely end up trying this when The Rig returns. Oh, curiosity!
  • After the infamous Farmer's Market flop, we took matters into our own hands on Saturday and drove to a small town about thirty minutes away from Swell Rio to visit their traveling produce market instead. Woo Hoo! I'm happy to report that no one left empty-handed. In fact, we may have devoured a fresh loaf of bread on our ride home. Yes, a basket brimming with produce and we opted for the baked goods first. Because priorities. Who's with me?!
  • I'm still trying to navigate this whole #BOYMOM bit. Max is so incredibly active, I really have no choice but to keep up with this crazy tot. If an activity doesn't include a ball of some sort, it's got to have wheels. As evident in the picture with his Spherovelo, all of this movement often results in bumps and bruises, which I'm slowly starting to get used to.
  • When your mom prefers you keep it tidy like Tanner (Danny, of course), you have to get crafty and sneak in opportunities to make a mess whenever you can. For instance, Flyboy and I decided to have breakfast for dinner on Sunday night (because we're loose and fun like that...). While FB took the lead with our omelettes, I was in charge of prepping the fixin's and getting Max started with his dinner. Since I believe in quality control, I was more than likely sampling the bacon and cheese when I looked over to find that Max decided to lather his scalp with blueberry Noosa. Ha Ha! It was probably a good thing we opted for Mimosas to go with our dinner because that fun little buzz I had going was enough to make me laugh it off and take photos instead. And since dinner was ready, we sat alongside our munchkin and ate Brinner while Max soaked up all of the benefits that came with his leave-in yogurt conditioner.
  • Sometimes encouraging your child to appreciate accessories can backfire. In my case, Max has a rather strong devotion to his red baseball cap. He's rarely seen without it these days, which is adorable until I opt to clothe him in something like salmon-colored shorts and it clashes terribly. Le sigh. I really should have seen this fierce attachment coming. From the moment he laid eyes on this cap at the store and was forced to part with it because they didn't have his size, Flyboy and I had yet to see him respond to something in this manner. Embarrassed by his Crewcuts meltdown but entertained afterward by Max's passion for the cap, I ordered him his size when we returned to Swell Rio per my parents' request. You see, my dad sent Max some fun money for Valentine's Day and they felt it should be spent on the snazzy hat. Six weeks have passed since his beloved accessory was delivered and I don't think he's parted with it since.

Alright, enough of our Swell Rio shenanigans. How the heck are YOU?! Do tell. I'm dying to know.

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