Tuesday, April 19, 2016



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's get on with delightful details, shall we?!

  • Pardon the comical naiveté of this first-time mom, but when I heard people talk about those pesky two-year molars, I honestly thought it was going to happen around the 24-month mark and NOT at 18 months. Insert dramatic sigh and eye roll here. As a result, there's been a lot of night crying, a lack of napping, and a surly disposition for our resident tot.
  • Between the unpredictable spring storms and one SUPER cranky toddler, Flyboy decided to take Max into town on Sunday morning for a few errands while I cleaned the house and got a little alone time. Yaaaaaassssss! I honestly didn't think the gesture could be any more thoughtful, but then my boys returned home bearing a cheerful bunch of yellow Tulips and my favorite caffeinated beverage from Starbucks. I'd say I hit the jackpot with these two Fine fellas!
  • Last Friday afternoon while Max napped, the mailman dropped off a package that was sent by my parents. Part of me was grateful that my little guy was snoozing when it arrived because I expected that opening the box would be emotional and I wanted to be alone when I received a few of my grandpa's possessions. Inside the box I found an old photograph of my late grandfather riding a tractor on the family farm, along with a trusty medical textbook, and his stethoscope. I was surprised by the immediate joy I felt when I gazed at the black-and-white image and the pride I felt as I sifted through his Merck Manual. It was only when I slipped on the stethoscope and listened to my own heartbeat that those feelings of sadness and loss returned. I guess there was just something about hearing my pulse that made me selfishly wish he was still with us today. This Thursday will mark two months since his passing and while it's still difficult to accept our family's new reality, I feel incredibly fortunate to have these mementos in my possession. Farming and his work as a chiropractor meant everything to my grandpa, and these symbols represent him quite perfectly. On those days when the memories feel distant and fuzzy, I'm grateful I have tangible treasures of his to remember him by.
  • At the risk of sounding like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", there's a VERY real chance that we're headed to San Antone today to return the rental and retrieve The Rig. Cue the happy dance, y'all! But if for some crazy reason this plan does NOT pan out as we hoped, it's best to assume that I've gone postal. While I'm definitely not referring to the cutesy snail mail shenanigans like this adorable lapel pin might promise, those interested can snag one here.
  • Some of you might remember the photo booth looking snapshots I took with Max when he was about six weeks old?!? If not, let me jog your memory here. Well, I ended up framing a few of the photo strips in a shadow box for Flyboy to take to his office about a year ago. Little did I know that these snapshots would serve as a source of inspiration for one really clever April Fools' Day joke. We're talking HYSTERICAL, my friends! If you have a moment, scroll up and take a gander at the third image from the bottom. That's four of Flyboy's co-workers who impeccably recreated our pictures. From the spacing of the photo strips, to the props, and expressions—NO detail was overlooked. The scheming gents swapped out the photos on April 1st, but it was only when Flyboy looked at the frame on the morning of April 8th (Max turned 18 months) that he noticed the photos were different. I don't think anyone could EVER top this picture perfect prank!

Well, that's all I've got for now! Do me a favor and tell me something that's going on with YOU.

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