Tuesday, April 12, 2016



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's get straight to the details...
  • Last Friday, April 8th, Max turned 1.5 years old (WTF?!), so naturally we paid the doc a visit in the morning for his 18-month wellness exam. Shortly after we arrived, the nurse took Max's temperature and measurements and escorted us to the doctor's office where we'd later be seen by the pediatrician. As soon as we entered the room, Max let out the most ferocious roar I'd ever heard and managed to startle the young nurse. She looked back at me and asked if that sound came from Max and I couldn't help but giggle. Yep, that was ALL him! I suppose the ginormous dinosaur in the room got the wily fellow excited and he just couldn't contain himself. Grumbles and growls are synonymous with greetings, right?!
  • Since Facebook has that nostalgic feature that likes to remind you of life's milestones according to social media, Flyboy couldn't help but notice that we announced my pregnancy to all of our friends, extended family, and the blog world on April 8, 2014—exactly six months from Max's actual birth date. I rarely go back to read old posts, but in the spirit of 18 months with Max, curiosity got the best of me last Friday morning and I revisited the announcement I made here. If only that scared and naive version of myself knew what was coming her way, she probably wouldn't have worried so much.
  • My hair stylist has been out of town, which meant my ashy outgrowth looked more horrendous than ever. Yikes! Lucky for me, I don't know a lot of people in Swell Rio (introvert perks) and didn't have anywhere to be other than Walmart and the playground, so I tried to keep a low profile until I could get in for an appointment last Saturday. In the event you're ever in a similar situation, don't forget to really pack on the pattern. For instance, I attempted to keep others from looking at my unsightly coif by pairing gingham with stripes and polka dots. I believe it successfully kept onlookers from staring at my old lady greys. Thank goodness those days are behind us—or at least for a couple of weeks!
  • There's just something about making trips to Home Depot and adding plants to the landscape that always makes me feel closer to my mom. After meeting friends for coffee last week, Max and I hopped on over to our beloved home-improvement store to check out the latest in the flower and shrub department. Much to Max's dismay, I ended up chatting with the local plant distributor as he unloaded the new arrivals. I learned a lot from our 20-minute conversation, ended up leaving with cacti (which I never thought I'd say or do), and he insisted I take a dead Dianthus plant home with me for free because he had a good feeling I could bring it back to life. I couldn't decline his offer, so I ended up pitching the plant when we got home. Fellow color snobs will understand when I say it just didn't fit with the palette I've chosen.
  • I typically get burnt out when it comes to breakfast, but I'm still jazzed about this Blueberry Pie Overnight Oats recipe via Beauty Bets. On Sundays I prep several pints so Flyboy and I can just grab them in the mornings throughout the week. It's simple, filling, and delicious! Feel free to use whatever fruit you like! I'm currently on a blackberry kick.
  • Dressing a little boy is actually pretty delightful! These shoes and overalls arrived from Zara last Friday and opening the box was squeal inducing. Eek! On top of that, Max is incredibly smitten with his Hunter wellies and that's making all of my wildest dreams come true. Somebody, pinch me! Yesterday was a balmy 90 degrees outside and our tenacious tot insisted he strut around in his rain boots. Alright, twist my arm, why don't you!? The only downside I've found is the warmer temps make it incredibly difficult to get his sweaty and pudgy feet inside the rubber wellies. Yowzah!
  • It looks like we're going to retrieve The Rig in San Antonio on Thursday. Yahoooooooo! In an effort to prep such crowd pleasers like Thursday's Thoughts and The Love List, there more than likely won't be a post tomorrow. Womp womp...

Alright, enough of our Swell Rio shenanigans. How the heck are YOU?! Do tell. I'm dying to know.

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