Friday, April 15, 2016


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Embroidered Cotton Skirt // There's just something about this summery number that reminds me of strawberries.
  • Oversized Retro Sunglasses // Run! Don't walk! These sunnies are a steal. We're talking LESS than $10. What the?!
  • The Lucky, Plucky Chairs // The latest masterpiece illustrated by Maira Kalman. April 26th can't get here soon enough.
  • Orange Stripe Plant Pot // I simply can't get enough of these hand-painted pots. This beauty is currently on its way to Swell Rio from the UK. I guess I have another reason to buy more plants. Yahoo! Now, where to place this gem??
  • Zadie Drive Snail Ringholder // This cute critter is packed with personality. What else would we expect from Kate Spade?
  • Bento Table Stool // Every space deserves a splash of color. Also, can we talk about the adorably modern shape?
  • Mini Rodini Red Stripe Shorts // I saw these toddler trunks and squealed. The letter M naturally stands for Maxwell Must.
  • A Man Walks Into A Bar Oval Tray // Thanks to Izola your entertainment game is equal parts cheeky and chic.
  • Fruit + Tonics // The weekend forecast looks rather drab down here, so I plan to whip up these fruit-infused ice cubes.
  • Pencil Calligraphy // I'd love to attend one of Molly's workshops, but I'll just have to settle on her tutorials for now.
  • Reese Witherspoon // Did you see my celeb bestie was featured in The Coveteur this week? I fell in love all over again.
  • Trio Earrings // Because every gal deserves a set of iridescent studs (we're talking $15) in her accessory arsenal...
  • The Best Spring Nail Polishes // Head on over to Beauty Bets for 16 different nail polish colors that say HELLO to spring!
  • Flat Clutch // I've obsessed about this caramel and neon pink combo for years. I finally took the plunge. Treat yo self!

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count.

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