Thursday, April 14, 2016


This post was written before we found out on Wednesday evening that The Rig would NOT be completed as promised. My sincerest apologies for not editing today's post. I'm still a bit fired up about the situation, but I do plan on making the gin elixir a reality.

THINKING ABOUT: After last week's post about face cream and snail mucus, a sweet reader let me in on one of her random favorites called Baby Foot. I'm talking about a Japanese exfoliation/peel for your feet. Have you tried it?! Minutes after reading her recommendation in the comments section along with countless crazy amazing reviews on Amazon, I had a box of Baby Foot purchased and en route to Swell Rio. Since it arrived last Saturday, I went ahead and wore the booties for 90 minutes that evening and I've continued to soak my feet for about 30 minutes a day. I'm still waiting (and slightly terrified) for my feet to begin shedding skin like a reptile, but it sounds like the results will leave your feet smooth and sandal ready, which I'm all about. I'll be sure to keep you posted on the results. Needless to say, there probably won't be any shoe selfies until this little experiment is over. Ha Ha!

FEELING: As you read today's post, we'll be making the ol' Highway 90 pilgrimage to retrieve The Rig in San Antonio this morning. While a ginormous part of me is excited and relieved, I can't help but feel a bit cautious and nervous at the same time. I can only assume that the family chariot was in good hands these past six weeks, but will she be restored to her pre-hail state?! I suppose this is just another one of those scenarios that makes me wish I wasn't someone who always has to overthink EVERYTHING. Ugh!*

THANKFUL FOR: Flyboy was supposed to work this weekend, but someone else volunteered to work the shifts instead. Woo HOO!

EATING: If we're going to get out of Dodge for the day and eat something tasty, we might as well go BIG or go home. I've currently got my eye on Whiskey Cake, a restaurant located in San Antone, for a late lunch or early dinner with m' boys. The menu looks outstanding (duck wings, goat cheese fondue, etc.), but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in it for the gin elixirs. Thirsty Thursdays, right?!*

LISTENING TO: Ever since Max was a wee infant, white noise has played an essential role in his successful snoozing. Now that our little lad insists on helping his parents ALL THE TIME in every capacity (*deep breaths*), I thought it was sweet when I found him setting up his white noise machine at nap time. Unfortunately, an hour into his nap that same afternoon he began stirring, which is highly unlike Max. I let him cry a bit before I finally went in to get him. I blamed the short nap on teething (or something?!?) and we went on with our day. Oddly enough, the same nap-time scenario was repeated the following afternoon. I thought I was going insane until I realized the tot had been hitting the timer button on the white noise machine. Ah-ha! When the white noise came to a halt, he instantly awoke from his slumber. Sigh. You guys, I didn't even know the timer option existed because I always plug it in and let it run for the duration of the nap/night. Now I have to check the machine before I leave his room because I'm paranoid he set the timer and I'm going to miss out on precious time sans Maxwell. Scheming toddlers and alluring buttons must go together like milk and cookies.

WATCHING: Season two of the daffy but delightful Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is available on Netflix tomorrow. Squee! I can practically hear the earworm theme song already. Dammit! Is anyone else giddy?! I've been waiting for this clever show to return since I binge-watched it with my family last spring. At the risk of sounding like an old fogey, it's rare these days to watch a comedy that's smart and genuinely joyful. Tina Fey is a flipping genius (Duh!) and the characters are just so stinking lovable (I'm looking at you Titus...). If you need me this weekend, I plan to "bunker" down and hang with my girl, Kimmy. Eek!

READING: I read an online article from The Washington Post yesterday entitled, "Why it's good to have a strong-willed child, and why you should let up on them." If you've stuck around these parts long enough, you've heard me describe Max as spirited and headstrong. In recent months, I've armed myself with countless articles and books about the topic just trying to make sense of our little human exclamation point. Everything I've read does its best to convince me that Max's tenacity will also be his greatest asset over time. In most cases I'm willing to buy what all of these articles are selling, but when Max refuses to get out of the tunnel at the jungle gym (cough, yesterday, cough) and I have no choice but to crawl inside and push him out of the crawl space as he kicks and screams, I can't help but think this article is a load of bollocks. Please, go sell that crazy somewhere else and get me outta this hole!

LOVING: I'm obsessed with This Way To Circus and their whimsical array of plant pots. You had me at polka-dots and stripes!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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