Friday, April 8, 2016


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Josephine Metallic Leather Flats // Frances Valentine is the latest venture from Kate and Andy Spade. I was eager to see what the stylish duo would come up with next and their debut shoe and bag collection doesn't disappoint.
  • The Sugar & Cloth Color Wall // It's taking everything inside me to show some restraint with this picturesque wall. Can you say breathtaking?! I just want to hop in the car right now and head to Houston with my boys and camera.
  • Marimekko for Target // Mark your calendars for April 17th! Marimekko's iconic prints are about to invade Tar-jay!
  • Tolix Lacquered Stools // There's just something about that shade of green that sucks me in. Every. Stinking. Time. Thank goodness there's a Target dupe, because I have visions of owning a set to keep our kitchen island company. #SELFLESS
  • Amelia High Heel Sandal // Scalloped strappy sandals paired with bright fuchsia Elaphe Snake. Does it get any sweeter? FYI: Elaphe is fancy-schmancy science speak for the king of Rat Snakes. Yikes! Let's focus on that hue, shall we?!   
  • Carrie Cami in Polka Dot // This is one of my all-time favorite layering pieces, and the fact that it now comes in a polka-dot pattern makes me weak in the knees. Swoon! Now if I could just figure out if the spots are navy or black. Hmm...
  • Pebble Smartwatch // I can't say I ever considered a smartwatch until I saw this simple stunner. Not too shabby!
  • Positive Postage Stamp // My former snail-mail loving self absolutely adores this logo created by Kristen Drozdowski.
  • French Stripes Birthday Card // May is chock-full of holidays and birthdays. Yowzah! It's time to stock up on stationery in preparation for the busy month—a chore you know I don't mind one bit! Twist my arm, why don't you?!
  • Fashionable Fruits Candle // Because I miss browsing Target on the regular, I rely on friends, family, and blogs to keep me in the know about necessary odds and ends. After my mom told me about this adorable candle, I knew it was a MUST! Who doesn't love a colorful bargain? It's "Hola!" meets "Aloha" in Swell Rio, right??
  • Lustro Face Oil 2 in Jasmine // This may sound odd, but I want to hug the designer behind this perfect packaging. Bravo!
  • LEIF New Arrivals // Once again my favorite online boutique knocked it out of the park with their latest batch of goodies. My favorites include this Art of Fabric #07 Print, this fabulous Full Moon Crossbody Bag (That hue!?!), and these stunning Peridot Claw Studs. Any gifts I need to purchase in May will be easier than I thought with a selection like LEIF's.

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count.

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