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Happy Tuesday, m' dears! There's no shortage of rambling around here, so you're more than likely up-to-speed with our current Swell Rio shenanigans. Real Talk: I actually "need" to utilize today's nap time for something really groundbreaking—i.e. watch Lemonade. Gasp! Bey and Jay, what?! The fact that we got a free HBO pass the SAME weekend of Yoncé's worldwide event is like manna from heaven. Yes, that might sound extreme, but I still take it as a sign I should sit back and watch Queen Bey spill the tea (or in this case lemonade). While I try to figure out how I'll ever belt XO while driving again, enjoy a few of this past week's delightful details...

  • I never want to forget the face that Max makes when he waves at every single plane that flies above us. Thankfully we live on an Air Force base where students learn to fly, so I get to savor these moments and sweet salutations often.
  • As I mentioned in last Thursday's post, Flyboy and I had the opportunity to dine sans Maxwell last Saturday night and it was divine! Dropping the kid off at Give Parents A Break gave me a fun reason to whip out my favorite seersucker blazer, new polka-dot flats, and these tassel earrings. Woo Hoo! While we didn't end up going to a movie (it was too late after we ate), we foraged the candy aisle at HEB for a sweet treat, and headed home to watch an episode of The Walking Dead. By 9 PM the two of us were missing our tot something fierce, so I headed to the Child Development Center to pick him up (two hours early). Alright, and maybe we're just really lame and we were ready to hit the hay, too...
  • After we received The Rig last Wednesday, I was more giddy than ever to run errands on Thursday. I guess I kind of forgot how the sound of the diesel has this magical ability to put Max to sleep because he hasn't snoozed in a car like that for the last two months. Awww, sweet serenity! In the event VW recalls our vehicle after the whole emissions scandal, they're not going to want to deal with this angry mom. This is a matter of my sanity and survival, people.
  • Sometimes having a kid makes you feel like a kid again. You'll find yourself excited the cashier gave your babe a free sticker at the grocery store, delighted by dinky toys in the dollar bin, and volunteering to go down the slide on your belly (when no one even asked you to). I only say this because all three of those things happened to me last week. Mind you, it's all fun and games until you plow down the tunnel slide head first while screaming like a goon and make eye contact with the neighbor you accidentally saw buck naked one morning a few months ago. For the record, said neighbor keeps his blinds drawn about 90% of the time now. Oops! For those of you who've been following m' blog since Lil' Puna, it's clear I have a history with male neighbors in the buff. Remember ol' Toasty Buns down the hill??
  • Fellow G&T fans, snazzify your signature cocktail with these colorful fruit ice cubes (recipe here) and thank me later. 

Alright, enough of our small town shenanigans. How the heck are YOU?! Do tell. I'm dying to know.

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