Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! I hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day. When I sat down to compose today's post, I thought about starting it off by telling you that Max has been on one this past week, but then I realized that's kind of assumed at this point, isn't it?! Ha! We found out we had a baby on the way exactly three years ago yesterday, and it's pretty fun to look back on that life-changing moment and compare it to our new normal. Perhaps the hysterical phone call to my parents was actually foreshadowing? Because we all know this kid has definitely given me a run for my money and there have been plenty more of those hysterical phone calls since Max's debut in October 2014. And despite the grocery cart licking (what germs?!) and frequent truck chucking (the kid has a scary good arm), I remain incredibly grateful. Why? Well, moments like last Saturday night with Flyboy keep me in check. Max went to Give Parents A Break at the base daycare center for a few hours that evening and we opted to Netflix and grill at home. We had a chance to enjoy doing the things we love to do together without having to put a toddler in timeout or grab another bag of fruit snacks. The opportunity reminded me that I've got THE very best person sitting next to me to do this life with and also made me reflect on how much we've changed but grown together over the past three years especially. We sipped cocktails, devoured steaks, and binge watched a few episodes of Stranger Things—it was SO nice! While we both made jokes about "forgetting" to pick Max up at daycare, we were incredibly happy to retrieve our third musketeer, put him to bed, wake up, and do the whole parenthood thing over again the next day. What feels like monotony some days is actually the good stuff—the little details that make this life whole.

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