Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Happy February, m' dears! Let's just preface by saying the details in today's post are A LOT cuter than what's actually transpired in West Texas lately. Yowzah! Amid depressing headlines and a looming freelance deadline for yours truly, the week has been plagued with a slew of migraines and one nasty stomach bug. Is it too late to mention that it's only Wednesday?! Gulp. Approximately an hour before I sat down to write today's post, we were both covered in projectile vomit. Yoo hoo, can we get a cleaning crew in the kitchen and stat?! Yes, the coordinating striped ensemble I picked for my favorite mother-son duo to seize the day was covered and no longer looked as cute as I'd imagined. Le sigh. But on the bright side, there's been oodles of snuggling and low-key activities like reading in the teepee, Play-Doh creations, watching The Secret Life of Pets, and coloring. Afternoons have been spent listening to NPR, staring at Photoshop, writing thank-you notes, and purging/organizing various closets throughout the house to avoid MORE Photoshop. Some of the best moments lately have been the result of sunlight streaming into the dining room (it's like I feel Tripp's presence), short walks to the mailbox with Beesly to exercise her leg, fresh license plates on the new wagon, and catching Max parrot my every move (both hilarious and terrifying all at once). There have been a lot less meltdowns this past week, which has allowed us the opportunity to enjoy life with a toddler a lot more, and I think that's made all the difference. I'm not sure if we should attribute that to reading No-Drama Discipline or if it's just because Maxwell isn't operating at one hundred. Either way, it's been a nice change of pace—even if it means scrubbing ALL the surfaces with bleach and multiple wardrobe changes.

Enough about life in Swell Rio. How are YOU? I'm dying to know.

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