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THINKING ABOUT: So here's the deal, Beesly and Tripp were highly dependent on one another. To be honest, it was probably our fault for fostering the dependency, but hindsight is always 20/20. The one time they got separated in Hawaii, our tenacious Berner chewed threw our rental's window slats (sooooo much wood you guys) and tried her damnedest to take down a bedroom door. She HATES to be in a kennel—you can bet your butt she'll chew or bust her way out! For the past few years, we always contained both pups in my bathroom and that always seemed to do the trick as long as both dogs were together. But now that Tripp isn't with us, we're wondering how to move forward. For the past month or so, the vet recommended that she be supervised or contained in a kennel while she recuperates. However, we've been so afraid of her throwing out both legs by kenneling her, that we've opted to either take her with us on family outings or one of us stays home with her. Pretty pathetic, I know, but it's the price we pay for loving our pets, right?! Obviously we can't live like this forever and we have to start taking chances now that she's on the mend, but it's uncharted territory. Perhaps Flyboy and I are projecting too many of our emotions on the subject, but the fact that she no longer has her BFF and the notion that we paid a lot of money for her latest surgery makes us a little leery. I'm trying to ease into it by making short trips with Max, but my mind wanders because there's really no telling what she will do. Homegirl is DETERMINED and she prefers to be with her peeps. The plan these days is to let her roam free in the house that way she knows where everyone is at and she can watch for us from the living room window. Sigh. I guess all of this rambling leads me to wonder if any of you have dealt with a similar issue? How did your pet respond after another pet passed away? I'll take all of the advice I can get. I'm not above playing Bob Marley for her (as suggested in this article—Ha!) and smothering her Kong with peanut butter.

THANKFUL FOR: An old college friend of mine from Mizzou is a veterinarian, so it only made sense for me to turn to her for ideas regarding Beesly's latest surgery and base housing's luxurious linoleum floors. Ew! That's just a recipe for disaster on SO many levels. Bleh! I've heard about people putting rubber booties on their dogs, but I know ol' sweaty paws just won't have it. Also, the thought of strapping them on her every morning made me giggle and turn my nose simultaneously. Tell me, what other options exist?? I turned to Google for advice and started reading product reviews, but then my friend recommended PawFriction—a pad coating system for senior and disabled dogs. Have you heard of it? Essentially, you apply an adhesive to the pads of your dog's paws and then press each paw into a tray of granules that prevent slipping and improve your pup's grip. We only applied the treatment last Sunday, but it seems to have helped her gain traction when she walks around the house and gets up after laying down. I'm not entirely sure how long the kit will last but it's meant for multiple applications. I honestly had no idea such a thing existed, otherwise we would have tried it sooner. I thought I'd share it with you lovely people in the event your dog might benefit. It's one of those effective products that makes me wish I would invent something so simple and clever.

WATCHING: Sometimes I just want to tune into a show that's lighthearted, so when I saw Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant interviewed on The Today Show a few weeks ago about their new Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, I figured it was worth a shot. My mom and sister are always recommending different series and movies to us, so I felt pretty proud of myself for scooping them on this one and I even shot them a text saying I thought it looked cute. Well, let's just say I should probably stick to sending them links to cute shoes and funny memes instead. Ha! Perhaps it was the bowl of Valentine themed peanut M&Ms or maybe it's just a sign that we're really desperate for entertainment in Swell Rio, but we made it through four episodes before calling it a night. The next day my sister messaged me to ask if we ended up watching it as I said we would. I immediately responded and told her that we watched a few of them only to find out that she couldn't get through the pilot. Oops! Yeah, something tells me we were definitely under the spell of pink and red candy that night and we probably won't revisit the show anytime soon. Sorry, Drew!

EATING: Because I'm always on the hunt for new meal ideas, here's a rundown of recipes we tried recently and loved...

LISTENING TO: You guys! Please listen to the How I Built This podcast on NPR featuring none other than THE Kate and Andy Spade. Squee! Yesterday Max just wasn't having it at nap time  and I really needed an escape, so I threw on the noise-canceling headphones and proceeded to spend the next forty minutes smiling like an absolute buffoon as the husband-wife duo discussed the launch and rise of the iconic fashion brand. Hang on to your handbags, the last few minutes of the interview are equal parts priceless and precious. Oh, and if Flyboy asks, I'll tell him he's my favorite Missourian, but secretly it's always been Kate. Shhh!

READING: Because Max is just as trash obsessed as he was four months ago, I went ahead and added the children's book Trashy Town to our collection. If we're going to discuss 'bage on the regular, then we need to mix it up. Considering the stinky subject matter, I've got to admit the book is  quite charming. Max worships the main character, Mr. Gilly, and guides us through the pages with gusto explaining every detail of the trash route. Who knew discussions about the dump would be the best part of our day?

LOVING: Last week I found myself in our storage shed rummaging through bins of mementos taking a trip down memory lane. You see, I wanted to collect a few photographs in honor of my sister's 29th birthday and share them with family and friends via email, text messages, and social media. Since we can't be together to celebrate her, I figured this would make everyone feel closer and serve as a reminder of what fabulous memories we share together. When I went searching for the old photos, I knew exactly where the envelope of pictures was stored, but then I got sidetracked and ended up dusting off a ginormous pile of photos I almost forgot I possessed. It was fun to reminisce about EVERYTHING from our first move to Texas with Tripp to goofy grade school photos.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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