Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! I didn't know what I'd write about today until I started sorting through photos and then it hit me. Max is getting SO old! I mean, I know he is growing and changing by the minute, but when you spend so much time with someone, you don't always get hit in the face with the realization that it's happening. Right here. Right now. I talk a lot about my struggles with our wily toddler, but there have been some pinch-me moments too. For instance, we're doing all the fun stuff—the moments I dreamt about when my colicky newborn couldn't be soothed and I'd go hide in my bedroom closet for solace—like ride bikes, throw balls, read books, and wear head gear just because (bike helmet, hard hat, Batman mask, etc.). Yes, his BIG personality has its downsides, but he makes up for it in other ways. He always grabs his sunglasses and fake set of keys before he can leave the house (so responsible), and he likes to pretend there are snakes in the kitchen cabinets (imaginative to say the least). When we're playing in his room, he likes to take short breaks and tell me "I be back. Check on Bees. Okay?" Sometimes he'll rattle off about something, Flyboy will look at me for a translation, and I know EXACTLY what Max is talking about. He's my built-in bestie, my work in progress, my job. So when I look at pictures like the ones featured today, I'm reminded that he won't always need me to push him on his bike or act as interpreter, and I feel some relief but also great sadness. We haven't decided if we will have another child just yet—most days we lean toward a solid NO—so I feel this overwhelming need to slow down and soak up the good stuff as it's happening. Sometimes that feels a lot harder than it might seem, but when you sift through the routine morning walks, a mug filled with chocolate milk that MUST be referred to as coffee, and a bedroom littered with Legos, you'll find it and one day sooner than you think you'll even miss it.

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