Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! Sorry for the late start. Let's get straight to the delightful deetz, shall we?!

  • After last week's doozy at daycare, Max decided to take it easy on me for a few days and do ALL the sweet things. We went searching for ladybugs and took several sunny strolls around base with minor meltdowns. It was HEAVENLY! I even found myself texting my mom and sister mushy messages about my dear son. What the?! Y'all, I should really know by now that when I do that, the toddler terror is ready to strike again and he did. Ha Ha! After Max woke up from his nap on Saturday afternoon and I returned from my hair appointment, I was summoned to meet my boys at the base track field and asked to pick them up after a walk that went sour. Imagine the look on my face when I pulled into the parking lot and found both father and son on separate curbs each sporting VERY disgruntled expressions. I suppose that set the tone for the impending DST change. Unless you've ever lived with a toddler, you really have NO idea what it's like when they flip the switch. THEN throw a time change AND a full moon to the mix. Yeah, this weekend was fan-flipping-tastic!
  • Looking for a snazzy way to lift your spirits? I tried this Grapefruit Fizz cocktail recipe via Charmingly Styled over the weekend, but substituted gin for vodka (because of course...). Overall, I LOVED the drink, but ended up skipping the bitters the second time I made the drink. I think it's not necessary with gin. Heads up, it's also a great mocktail!
  • Hours before I got the infamous calls from the CDC, I basked in the glory that is walking into a Starbucks sans child. The drive-thru was hopping and then it hit me that I could just strut on into the joint if I wanted. Can you spell BLISS?!
  • On Thursday evening, Max and I watched Flyboy fly in dissimilar formation (achieved with three different planes, including FB's T-6)—a monthly ritual that kicks off graduation for the latest class of students receiving their wings. Now that Max is a little older, I thought he'd get a kick out of seeing his dad fly, but he was more concerned with a nearby fire truck and got upset when he realized we wouldn't be seeing Flyboy up close. Needless to say, the walk back to the car wasn't very pretty. The countdown to FB landing and returning home for dinner was brutal—it felt like FOREVER.
  • Some of you have noticed that HEB's floral department is killing it this Spring and you're right! Ranunculus and Tulips galore!!! I'm trying to soak it all up (AKA hoard ALL the blooms) before we return to glittery Carnations once more.
  • Speaking of hoarding, I mean collecting, if pretty books are your thing, then you MUST add Jane Cumberbatch's book Pure Colour to your bright stack. The hot pink edges alone will make you drool. It's a color lover's dream come true!

Alright, that's all I've got for now. What have you been up to?! I'm dying to know.

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