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THINKING ABOUT: Every six months or so I reach that point where I feel REALLY burnt out. Do you ever get this way?! Needless to say, the impending visit to see my parents couldn't come at a better time. With everything that's gone on with Beesly, we haven't had the luxury of leaving our beloved border town since late December as the rehabilitation portion is kind of high maintenance. I realize that probably sounds silly to some, but it's been enough to drive me mad. Lately I've noticed that I'm quick to snap about little things and I find very little joy in a routine that typically comforts my Type-A personality. I'm just checking off a bunch of boxes and going through the motions with a gusto meter that's running on empty. On a good day, I attempt to survive this whole motherhood gig with Max (preferably armed with a sense of humor and colorful ballet flats), spin, blog, hit 10k steps (if possible), make sure my people are taken care of, and then shampoo, rinse, repeat. I typically take a lot of pride in completing the everyday tasks, but I truly believe it's time to shake things up. Whether that entails a new haircut, an afternoon absorbing Contemporary Art, or a day trip to Falling Water, I'm just so ready to be giddy about a fresh scenery and the idea of handing Max off to my dad for a few hours without having to worry I'll get a phone call telling me my son is refusing to eat and participate in group activities. Ha Ha!     

THANKFUL FOR: Yesterday I woke up with another cruddy migraine. Bleh! The older Max gets the harder I find it is to take care of our wily toddler when my head is pounding and all I really want to do is lay down and let my medication do its job. Yesterday I found myself bawling my eyes out because I was really convinced Max was going to watch at least 30 minutes of a movie and I could rest, but my little busy body gave me ten minutes before he was ready to move on to another activity. Sigh. On days like this past Wednesday, I can't help but think about my mom and grandma who did all of this without any prescriptions for years. Yowzah! That alone is enough to make me grateful for my Zomig and healthcare that covers the cost of these pricy pills.  

WATCHING: Last week I asked you all for TV recommendations to watch while Flyboy was out of town and now I'm ready to let you in on what I picked. Ha! On Friday night I watched a free episode of Big Little Lies and I'm obsessed. You guys!! It's SO SO good. While we don't have HBO, I'm already trying to figure out how I can possibly watch more of the show because I'm pretty certain I need more of it in my life. But here's where it all goes downhill... On Saturday night, while scouring the web for orchid fabulosity I might include in last Tuesday's Color Study, I watched three episodes of Mama June: From Not To Hot. Erm, please excuse me while I bury my head in shame. Yikes! But in my defense, this was also the same night Max would not stop screaming and fall asleep, so I needed to watch something I didn't have to pay a lot of attention to. Insert side eyeroll here. Y'all it was trashy background noise, I swear!

EATING: I like to try at least one new recipe a week so I can report back to you on the blog, but I didn't get around to it this week. My bad! However, I did start meal planning for the next ten days, and I'm excited to make this Avocado Salmon Rice Bowl and this Turkey Cauliflower Baked Ziti. Have you tried anything great lately that you'd be willing to pass along?? We're not picky; we just love food.   

LISTENING TO: Last weekend while Flyboy was away, I was hit with the cruel reality that I'm much too boring for Max. Yep, just imagine the look on my face as I watched my two year old pull out his fake cell phone—on multiple occasions—shush me with an ornery smirk, proceed to tell me he was on the phone "talkee to daddy," and then 
look away pretending to be preoccupied. You know what?! It's cool kid, I'll just be over here trying to decide if you want ketchup with your ketchup for lunch again. Message received. 

READING: In an effort to bring a taste of Manhattan's chic cafe, Jack's Wife Freda, to Swell Rio (gigglesnort), I went ahead and added their new cookbook to my library. Hey, maybe it will make us one step closer to dining with the Seinfelds one day?! Did somebody say ULTIMATE couples date?? Ha! I'm eager to spend some quality time with my latest read this weekend and pick a few new recipes to try in the coming weeks. After thumbing through the book briefly on Tuesday night (the photography and layout is GOOOOOORGEOUS!), I have a feeling we may have to start with the Jalapeno and Gruyere Pasta first. Yum!

LOVING: You follow Liz Adams of Sequins and Stripes, right?! Did you catch last week's post where she shared her spring beauty routine?? It might have been her most endearing one yet, and that's saying a lot because I think she's the best. I'm a sucker for product reviews and tutorials anyway, but THIS was real and relatable unlike a lot of videos I've watched. Admittedly, I ended up purchasing a few of the featured products because I'm all for a low-maintenance look and Liz makes hers seem effortless. It's worth a shot, right? While she joked about the rogue brush hair on her lip, foundation in her hair, and concealer in her brows, I swear I didn't noticed any of it. She can do no wrong, and she'll always be adorable to me! Okay, now I just sound like a stalker. Oops!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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