Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! Let's jump straight to the details, shall we?!

  • As many of you that follow along on Instagram are aware, we had an interesting trip to Walmart last week when Max began making the same annoying sound (think Lloyd in Dumb & Dumber) when a lady shot him a dirty look. Her friend went on to say, "I think his mom saw you!! I can't believe you did that." Then the lady replied, "I could care less. There's no way you would catch me letting my kids act like that in public. You know my kids are well-behaved." It wasn't the woman glaring at my toddler that bothered me—I welcome any help I can get—but to treat the way I parent my son inferior to her approach hurt the most. There are a lot of things about Max's personality that I never would have anticipated in my child three years ago, but you better believe I work REALLY hard to understand and navigate his tenacious ways. It's so easy to pass judgment unless you've walked in someone else's shoes. It's also really easy to parent someone else's kid perfectly. As a fellow mother, would it have killed her to offer a little empathy instead?? Sigh. After we made our way to the next aisle, I had to talk myself out of tearing up. Since I had Max, I've actually gotten a thicker skin, but after a really long week and little sleep, I'm embarrassed to admit I let her get to me. It was the last thing I needed to hear, as I was just really proud we made it to the store. Ha Ha! I guess if there's a moral to all this rambling it's that we should trust others are doing the best they can with what they have. Momming isn't easy.
  • Spring in Texas is actually quite wonderful. While I could do without temps dipping into the 90s just yet (It's March!), the sunny weather we've had lately is delightful—hence the reason the blog week is off to a late start (oops!). We've spent oodles of time outdoors watching Max ride his scooter, putt around in his VW van, and master his bike. This weekend we even whipped out a set of sidewalk chalk paint and had a fancy picnic (we're talking McDonald's, peeps) in the backyard. Needless to say, it's best that we soak up all this goodness before it gets sweltering and we're all triple-digit miserable.
  • You know how Starbucks released colorful cups for Spring?! Well, I've got my eye on the yellow cup with the smiling sunshine design. That color paired with the adorable illustration? Eek, it's perfection! But, after ordering a handful of venti drinks over the past week, I've yet to get anything but a blank white circle. Womp womp. I can't help but wonder how many venti coffees I'll have to buy before I get my smiling sunshine?? For one, it's getting to be spendy (I typically order a venti when I use a reward only), AND I'm wired beyond belief. Flyboy suggested I just ask for the cup when I place my order, but I don't want to be the girl that does that. Frequenting SBUX is the best part of living in Swell Rio. I can't show up and have them know me as the super annoying customer that requested a sunshine cup. I know what you're thinking, the struggle to be THIS stinking basic has never been more real. Time to bring a Sharpie and draw my own...
  • After Max and I had coffee with a friend on Friday, we stopped by HEB to check out the flower selection. We may have forgotten the blue cheese scribbled on our list, but we sure as heck came home with the prettiest fuchsia Tulips. Ever. Unfortunately, the blooms didn't last very long, but when they opened I swear they looked just like Peonies. Swoon!
  • Sometimes I try to be a fun mom and it backfires. For instance, on Thursday evening Max was pretending to be a dog and I continued to egg him on by telling him he was a good puppy, rubbing his belly, and scratching his ears. You guys, his giggle was electric as he barked around the house and went to fetch Flyboy's socks when he returned home from work. It was a riot! But all of this fun came to a screeching halt when Max hit his head on our bedroom doorframe and fell back on the linoleum floor. Ugh! Thankfully, our tough little toddler was a champ about the whole thing, but we were fairly certain he would end up with a giant goose egg on the back of his head. Sigh. It could have been a lot worse, but I felt terrible and ended up eating my feelings by downing a pint of gelato with the help of Flyboy. Aw, parenthood!

Alright, that's all I've got for now. What have you been up to?! I'm dying to know.

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