Friday, September 2, 2011

Matchbook's Fall Field Guide

I love Matchbook like crazy cakes, so September got a little sweeter once I had the chance to sit down with some coffee and read this month's issue on my iPad. Did you love it as much as I did? I'm intoxicated with delight! I want to break out in a little jovial jig. My hands can't keep up with the flood of thoughts running through my mind. This is how intense I can get when I'm excited -- I want to discuss it all! I start talking quickly, and my words don't make sense. I can't quite express the joy these sorts of publications bring to me. Warning: Stop reading now if you're already tired of my excessive use of alliteration and exclamation points, not to mention the giddy rambling.

Every time I flip through the magazine, it feels like I'm visiting an old friend. The only thing that could make it better would be sitting on the couch and enjoying it with someone wonderful, like my mom, sister or a fabulous friend -- like you! And since we've become virtual besties (term coined by a dear friend, AB), this is my attempt at sitting back and chatting about this month's issue with YOU! How would you like your coffee? Yes, I did get the mugs at Anthropologie -- you know me too well! Scones, anyone?

Kate Spade Fall 2011 Ad Campaign
Flip past the cover, and we're already hit with an a-dorable Kate Spade fall ad. How precious is Bryce Dallas Howard? She pulls off the color magenta almost as flawlessly as Deborah Lloyd.

Hands up, if you bought schools supplies, 
but you're no longer in school... GUILTY!
Aww, the welcome of fall! Too bad it's still piping hot.
Oh, and you live in Hawaii, silly!?!  Whatevs. I'll channel autumn if I want to.
No one can stop me from wearing wellies and argyle socks around the house.

 Consider it done.
This spread is almost too much for me.
Sweaters, school supplies, pen pals, coats, books, etc.

 Ace that test.
What's your fave item? I think I NEED that key fob. It's the next best thing to wearing eyeglasses.

 What's black, white, and re(a)d all over?
A newspaper, silly! One of my favorite knee-slappers.
Now back to this Wish List -- I'm loving the monogram note cards, the Edie purse, splash of Marimekko and our dear friend, Eames. Once again I'm reminded that this would make the perfect office chair.

10 things to love about Pollock.
AbEx, you have my heart!

An ode to a wardrobe staple.
They nailed it! The boyishness does make you feel more like a girl.
Now get out your starch and iron. Give that button down some love.

Kindred Spirit: Princess Grace 
A modern twist to a timeless classic.

Just my type.
I felt giddy like Frank Navasky from You've Got Mail when I read this article.
All I can think about is the "whirring" -- the gentle and soothing lullaby of a piece of machinery so perfect.

Autumn Living

There's so much to look forward to in the fall. Warm palettes, a crispness in the air, hot apple cider, the return of cinnamon scented candles, etc. I'm especially excited about bow belts, the prospect of adding more cardigans to the collection, and Essie's fall shades. 

Behind the Silhouette: Carter Kustera

I knew very little about Carter Kustera. I'd seen his work featured on Jonathan Adler's website, but this article made me even more intrigued by his portraits. I love how the description below the silhouette adds another dimension to the portrait. It gives a unique personality to each piece! What would it say under your silhouette?

I realize I got a little long-winded today. Sorry! If it's any consolation, I thank you kindly for curling up on the couch with me and discussing another ah-mazing issue of Matchbook. Now go ahead and skedaddle. You know the moment you leave, I'm headed for the living room to obsessively fluff the cushions and pillows into perfection. That's how Type-A rolls. Until next time...

Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!
Any plans for the Labor Day Weekend?


*images via Matchbook
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  1. My heart is swelling in my chest, I love this so much! Lurve, loave and luff :)

  2. Love ALL of this so much!! Wish we could share a cup of coffee and chat about the fabulousness of fall!

  3. this post makes me so excited to sit down and read this month's edition!