Thursday, September 22, 2011

Verklempt: J.Crew Spring 2012

Please excuse me while I have a moment...

J. Crew's Spring 2012 Collection looks delightful as ever. Cool color combos (think bright shades of nail polish or scoops of sherbet), conservatism, and classic tailoring -- that about sums it up! I can already see Mrs. O and Katie Holmes in any of these pieces. I'm feeling giddy, are you?
Marissa Webb: Stripes on Stripes
Inspiration board created by J. Crew's head women's designer, Marissa Webb.

Feeling inspired yet? 

Happy Thursday!

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  1. These boards kill me. So much amazingness. Did you hear Marissa Webb is leaving J.Crew and the head wedding designer will be taking her place? It's a little sad because she created some amazing stuff!

  2. LOVE THIS! I really dig wearing stripes on stripes. Such a great post, thanks!

  3. it's a lot sad! She's fantabulous! Gorgeous post.

  4. She's absolutely amazing!!! That's such sad news. She's done a lot for J.Crew:)

  5. I LOVE J.CREW! I promised myself I wouldn't go shopping until my October paycheck. Lordy! It's going to be a looong month.

  6. love this post! I'm still mourning the loss of Marissa at J crew. I love her style and became a J crew fan because of her.