Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monogram Love

While flyboy is away, I spend countless hours on etsy rummaging through pages of treasures. For the most part, I try to stay out of trouble and just  potential purchases. I was doing really well last night, but then I stumbled upon McKinley Margo and my heart skipped a beat -- personalized iPad and iPhone wallpaper! Perfection. I went with this gold ikat design, and I'm in lurve. Within 24 hours, I had an email with my new wallpaper just waiting for me update my background settings. I'm still trying to decide which background I might choose for our iPad. Because we share that device, it may need to be a design that suits both of our personalities. I wonder what he'd think about a turquoise chevron? For now, I'll relish in my new cheerful wallpaper. Check it out! 
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  1. Any favorite etsy shops? I always find it so hard to go through them! There are so many with so many different things.

  2. I'm not sure if this link will work or not, but here are my faves: I think you should be able to look me up and add me to your "circle". Do you know how to do that? I might be able to search for you via email or your screen name. Just let me know! I love etsy too much. It's addicting.

  3. Just wanted to say Mahalo for the SUPER SWEET mention! You have the most LOVELY blog and I was so delighted to have been included in it!
    My best

  4. Her customer service Is fabulous as well!! I had a small Issue with the app and emailed amber for help. She contacted me quickly and told me exactly how to fix the problem