Monday, September 26, 2011

Office Chair Flair

You know how I've been obsessing about swapping out our old and stark office chair for something fun and modern? If not, feel free to re-visit this post here. Anywho, after much deliberation, Flyboy agreed to a tentative desk chair sans wheels. My argument? A.) I spend most of the time in our office. B.) We live on an island with furniture stores that are lacking and the cost of shipping can be ridonkulous. Not to mention, most furniture stores won't ship anything over 30 lbs. Go on and cue the hallelujah chorus! Enter Amazon, where I came across these imitation Eames chairs (it came as a set of two) and scored a mean deal called SUPER SAVER SHIPPING. While I was initially looking for something more colorful and considered spending the big bucks on a real Herman Miller, the price and reviews had me sold. I'll save my real Eames (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) for our bedroom sanctuary. Once we move back to the mainland, Flyboy will get the office chair (with wheels) of his dreams. I'm sure there will always be a place for one of these.

My new chair-iot.

Talk about a happy Monday...
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  2. Your office space looks awesome! It's very simple, but it looks relaxing. Mine has pictures of my family and friends, and everything is arranged as a collage. :) Good thing you have that cozy space to work in. Nice chair!