Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Love List Contents:

At this point in the week, I've got a lot of things that I'm lovin'...
  1. Tee Time at Anthro? Are you kidding me? A selection of tees under $20. This must be heaven sent. Not to mention, the shirt illustration in their email was quite darling. I just had to include it!
  2. How brilliant is the color in this flower brooch? It's quite a cute steal -- treat yo self!
  3. I've scoured the island in search of fresh Peonies, and I finally splurged and got myself a bouquet this past weekend at Whole Foods. They didn't last long, but they were beautiful while they lasted. Does color get much more brilliant than that shade of bright pink?
  4. Has anyone heard of Umba? I'm intrigued. I saw their ad in the latest issue of Rue Magazine. Similar to Birchbox, you subscribe monthly and receive a selection of 1-3 handmade surprises each month. Mama likes! If I sign up, I'll be sure to share with you.
  5. My passion for polka dots is nothing new to you, so you can only imagine how excited I was when I saw this adorable suitcase. It makes me wish I was traveling somewhere and soon. I could learn to pack light with something this cute!
  6. I was skimming through my favorite blogs yesterday, and I was introduced to Julep Maven via Fabulous K. Have you heard of it? It also reminds me of Birchbox. The best part? You can sign up and receive your first month of goodies for a penny (coupon code: PENNYINTRO). By signing up and paying a monthly fee, you'll receive hand-picked nail color just for you, in addition to other cult faves, and fun beauty products. As you're already aware, I'm typically a devout Essie girl, but I'm definitely excited to give this a whirl!
  7. Yes, the bandeau bikini is quite pricey for this broad. However, that shade of green and the bow detail are just too fabulous not to include in this week's Love List.
  8. A pillow that's not only posh, but precious! For $54, you get the cover and a down insert.
  9. All of your feedback from Monday's post got me excited to grab my notebook, jot down some notes, and brainstorm. Of course, I also celebrated Monday and the blogaversary with a donut. Don't judge. I never cared for donuts until recently, and I crave them like crazy! It's rather silly. Maybe I'm making up for lost time?
  10. Something about this painting by Tastes Orangey speaks to me. I've "hearted" it on Etsy a few different times. It takes me to a happy place and reminds me of that feeling I get when I'm sitting in front of a spectacular piece of art in absolute awe.
  11. When I'm not at work, you'll find me in my Soludos. They're so comfy; I wear them mostly as house slippers. I've found that they guard my feet from Hawaiian Centipedes (click for a photo). I was dusting our media console recently and I had my foot placed slightly underneath. A Centipede jumped onto my foot and latched on to my big toe. It stung for a few days -- not terribly, but you could feel it from time to time. It's nearly impossible to kill them, but I've found a trick that I swear by -- my Dyson vacuum. As long as I can isolate the Centipede (they're quick and they fight back), I'll suck it up with my vacuum and leave it running for a good minute or two. It's not the most humane, but that Centipede was never very kind to me in the first place.
And there you have it, just a few things that make my heart go pitter patter this week!
Be sure to check back tomorrow. I've got a list of giveaway winners, and I can't wait to reveal their names. 
Oh, and it's not too late to enter! Click here for more details!

Happy Wednesday!

*Additional Image Credit: Watercolor strips via Petite Alma
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  1. I have a phobia (like a serious phobia) for centipedes, and have them here everywhere, giant ones, so this is hard for me to even write, but had to tell you, oven cleaner is the key! Spray it on them, dead!

  2. Umba Box sounds so cool! Love your list.

  3. hip hip gin! thanks for including my ss ;)