Thursday, June 14, 2012


Color me smitten! 
Here are a few things I've fallen head over heels for this week...
This week's Love List includes...
This H&M Blouse makes me wish I lived closer to a store. The price is right and the look is precious!
(Note: The price of the wallet is rather steep, but I saw it in person, and it's ridiculously cute. I guess we can only hope that the lovely folks at Kate Spade have a sample sale with sweet markdowns in the near and distant future!)
A mixologist BFF = loads of libations and laughter. I seriously think Roxy and I would get along swimmingly.
(Be sure to take a look at her cocktail crawl here.)
Straw clutch with orange details -- just another H&M bargain beauty that's taunting me!
A chevron scarf with tassels. Oh my! I think I died and went to heaven.

Happy Thursday!
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  1. i'm loving your layouts. and i need a drink now :)

  2. The clutch from H&M is so perfect!