Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Tuesday Ten

1. I love bees. Anything with a bee on it, and I'm buying it. It all started in elementary school when people would call me AB instead of my full name. Even in the South, land of the double name, I guess Anna Beth is too long. My mom gave me a notepad with a bee on it, and my trademark bee-gan (couldn't resist. sorry for the pun!)
2. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted red hair. Not just auburn like it is now, but full-blown Anne of Green Gables red hair. I think it's because Anne is my literary ideal, or maybe it's because that's what drew the dreamy Gilbert Blythe to her, but I've always thought that natural red heads are the lucky ones. 
3. I rarely wear neutrals. Even before color blocking became cool, I preferred to wear teal and purple and orange together. I don't own a pair of black shoes because metallics are my neutrals. It can make getting dressed for serious, grownup life a bit of challenge, but that's the nice thing about working in a creative industry; my coworkers think my hot pink jeans are cool. 
4.  I am constantly on the hunt for a striped t-shirt for my dog. Ever since seeing an image of a miniature schnauzer (same breed as my Roxie) sporting a nautical topper, I have been on the hunt. Good dog clothes are hard to find these days, you know?
5. I know that I watch too much TV. But, worse than that, I seem to get invested in shows that inevitably get canceled. Half a dozen of the most recent network cancellations have been mainstays in my Hulu queue. Do I gravitate towards shows I know aren't going to make it? Am I trying to help them succeed? I don't know, but Best Friends Forever, I hardly knew ye. 
6. I can justify any purchase. My excuses: It's only $20. It'll last for a decade. It's an investment piece. And, honey, treat yo' self! 
7. I have serious gaps in my adult knowledge, or the things that I think every adult probably knows how to do. I can't whistle, I can't ride a bike, and I can't skate on land or ice.
8. Some days, I wish I could just buy and antique letterpress and crank out beautiful stationery, which I would sell in my wildly successful and hypothetical paper goods emporium. Maybe one day that will be a reality. 
9. I don't mean to brag, but I am really good at giving people gifts. I love shopping, especially for other people, and looking for something unique and special for someone I love is one of my favorite things to do. 
10. I love spring and summer, but I am a fall girl through and through. It's only May, and I am already dreaming about turning leaves, corduroy pants, cinnamony drinks, and blazers. I know it's silly to not appreciate the season we're in right now, but I get giddy just thinking about October. 

And now that you're done reading random tidbits about Anna Beth, start Googling striped dog shirts like it's your job! The hunt continues...

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Until next Tuesday!

Image Credits: Treat Yo Self! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) / Short-Lived TV Shows: Best Friends Forever / Whistle, Skate, & Cycle? / Schnauzer in Stripes / Color Blocking / The Queen Bee / Anne of Green Gables / Gift Giving / Fall Festivities (1, 2, 3) / Letterpress Lust (1, 2)
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  1. Ashley, this is too much! Thank you for doing such an awesome series an for letting me be a part of it!

  2. I also get invested in short-lived tv shows, I can relate!

  3. I can't whistle or do a kart wheel.
    I can also justify ANY purchase ;)
    LOVE bright colors if they go out.. too bad I will still be donning them!

  4. BFF was short lived. I so enjoyed their temporary comeback a few days ago on June 1st. #SaveBFF


  5. Anna Beth! Great interview! :)

  6. What a great interview! I am loving your series Ashley!
    xo- Ali

  7. Glad you guys are enjoying it! Anna Beth is pretty stinkin' adorable, so I'm excited to have featured her this week.