Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That's Clutch

The last time my sister and I were around one another, she laughed as I started searching through my bag. I can't remember what exactly I was looking for, but I started to pull pouch upon pouch out of my main purse. She equated my love for bags to Russian Matryoshka dolls. Within one big tote resides several smaller bags that house all sorts of necessities. It's very Type-A(shley) -- one must be prepared in any situation. I mean there's a reason that people who don't even know me assume that I'm carrying a Tide Pen at all times, and they're usually right! I hate that I'm so predictable. Anywho, back to the topic at hand. Within the past month or so, I've downsized a bit. Not to worry, I haven't changed my ways -- I can still come up with a reason to purchase just about any kind of bag (insert term #bagnostic here). But I've found that one piece in particular suits all of my needs, and that's my Lulu clutch -- courtesy of the ever-so-talented Blair Ritchey. I was recently gifted with this chartreuse beauty, and my life hasn't been the same since. It's literally with me at all times! It's not only functional, but it's darling as well. The bright and cheerful color goes with everything -- chartreuse is the new neutral, don't you know? It's such a fun bag, and it truly lives up to Blair's motto: simplistic, functional, luxury. I'm smitten! If you're in the market for a new go-to bag, I encourage you to hop on over to Blair's site and check out her gorgeous collection. I hear she's got some new stuff on the way, and I couldn't be more excited! Be sure to check out her blog for updates.
The Contents:
1. Cell Phone -- useful, but addicting!
2. Miniature Notebook, Pen, and C-17 Pin (to remind me of Flyboy, of course!)
3. Car Keys -- complete with Blair's Tassel Keychain (such a fun design and it makes it easy to grab your keys)
4. Wallet (similar found here)
5. I call these my sassy sunnies (found here). They're silly, fun, and they put me in a good mood! 
(Who needs rose-colored glasses, anywho?)

There you have it, my latest and greatest go-to essentials!

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!
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  1. Love that clutch, its so cute! And I happen to be the same way, having multiple pouches of things inside a big bag, but I'm working on downsizing.

  2. Eeek! I love a cute clutch. I wish I had oodles of money to purchase oodles of clutches and stationary. Ahh.. a girl can dream.

  3. LOVE that smash box lipgloss! It is the perfect color by itself or sheer enough to look good over any color.

    MY hubs yells at me anytime I carry my iPhone without its case...i just like it so much better that way though :/