Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Tuesday Ten

Meet Jennifer Rosson, style expert and blogger behind Style Your Life.
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10 Random Things: Jennifer Rosson
  1. I love Chihuahua profiles!
  2. I was the" Home Economics Student of the Year" in 9th grade! Hehe.
  3. Ugh, my handwriting is awful. Thank goodness I don't have to use it much in this day and age. 
  4. I love Champagne and drink it as frequently as possible and socially acceptable!
  5. My first concert was Rick Springfield; I was 12. I have still have never been to a concert I enjoyed more! 
  6. I love to move.
  7. My face is very expressive; I can't hide my feelings. 
  8. Math stresses me out. 
  9. I am still friends with my 1st grade teacher.
  10. I love your blog, Ashley! 

Aww, shucks! Thanks for the warm and fuzzies, Jennifer. The feeling is mutual!
Be sure to follow Jennifer's blog, Style Your Life, and learn more about the amazing style expert here
Her blog is absolutely adorable, and she has fabulous taste! 
I especially love Jennifer's take on wardrobe essentials and organization tips.
Now go on, add her to your Google Reader, subscribe, follow, etc. You'll thank me later!

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Happy Tuesday!

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  1. LOVE Jennifer and her blog! Both of your blogs are always such a bright start to my morning :)

  2. LOVE it you are the cutest!! and @Blair thanks lady!!

  3. Very nice interview! I also have an expressive face. :D