Monday, June 11, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

Do you ever have those moments when you see something awe-inspiring, get instantly excited, and your brain won't stop jumping around from one wonderful thing to another? Those moments when one piece of happy triggers about a gazillion other bright and cheerful images and memories? This happens to me all the time, and I wish I could put a lid on it. And no, I don't mean I want to put a halt to it. I just want to be able to stop, take a deep breath, and control the stream of thoughts and thumping heartbeat that comes with this sort of elation. I want to be more methodical and less cryptic. Are you with me? As an intense and rather hyperactive gal, I try to be aware of this trait. It makes it especially hard for friends and family members around me. They can't read my mind. They don't know what I'm thinking when I get excited and start jumping from thought to thought. I guess today's post is the best way to illustrate such enthusiastic zeal.

It all started with this illustration by the ├╝ber talented Jenny Bowers...
All of the color, lines, and pattern, in Jenny Bowers illustration made me think of...
Thanks, Note to Self, for the inspiration. What a great find!
I can't help but focus on the pop of yellow. It's so cheerful! Kinda like this credit card wallet.
How about a summer in Nice, France? I best pack my trusty stripe boatneck.
It's just like the one in Caitlin McGauley's watercolor. 
How much do you love the details? Those bangles? The arm party? 
Recreate the look with a set of bracelets and this shirt. They're summer staples.
Oh, and don't forget your earrings. Pop some color with these orange studs!
There's nothing quite like a punchy pop of orange. I can't stop thinking about this necklace. The color. The strands.
Matisse also loved color. I'd love to have this old issue of Life Magazine featuring his cutouts.
Now I find myself planning another imaginary trip to Nice. I would definitely need a sturdy bag for my travels. 
Perhaps this Straw Basket Bag will do?
Stripe shirt. Check. Bag. Check. Shoes... How about these cutout flats? Add a little flair to your feet.
One can never have enough accessories. I think I'll throw in another necklace and this bracelet.
Le sigh. The closest I'll get to Matisse and Nice this summer would be this bowl
Eek! With the steep price tag, I'm better off doing something free.
I can always pretend I'm there with an afternoon of painting in my backyard.
Speaking of paints, how about this watercolor iPhone wallpaper via Samantha Hahn.
There's nothing quite like a pop of color to jump start the week. Thanks for the reminder, Matisse!
What about this clover green Word-a-Day journal?
Or the design of an iconic ticket stub
I think I'll end with wavy green brushstrokes. My absolute favorite.

(I told you I was all over the place...)
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

P.S. I'm working to reorganize past blog posts with labels to make searching easier. Bear with me; it make take a few days. Did you happen to notice the new pages at the top. Love it? Hate it? Have an idea to make the site user-friendly? I'd love some feedback.
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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new lay out:)

  2. I like the new lay-out! The links are fun & functional - very you! & are those sponsors I see to the side here? Or you promoting your favs, if so where are J.Crew & Ms. Spade? Keep up the good work, my dear!

  3. Kim, I wish I could advertise for J.Crew and Kate Spade, but they're not currently available on Style Rewards. Womp womp. I'm pretty sure I could be a great spokesperson for them!!!