Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites

Why, Hello Little Miss Bliss! In the name of Friday, why don't you kick your feet up and pour yourself a fizzy gimlet? This Summer Tea Cocktail should hit the spot. You've earned it! And while you're at it, perhaps it's time to treat yo self. Go on and indulge with some of these fabulous finds -- $50 or less. I'll hold your drink while you browse. Gracious is my middle name.
Fabulous Finds: $50 or Less

Enjoy your weekend! Any big plans? You know the drill around here -- I'm going to tackle my weekend to-do list, prepare overdue snail mail, respond to emails, read (any book recommendations?), soak up some Vitamin D, catch up with family, love on Tripp and Beesly, etc.

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