Sunday, June 17, 2012

Definitive Dad

This post goes out to my amazing father -- the rock of our family.
He's a bright and shining example of what a dad should be; he's the happy twinkling in my heart. 

When I think about the word twinkle, I see this photo and can't help but look into my dad's eyes -- they smile. This is the way he's always doted on my mom, my sister, and me. Over the years, he's given us so much unconditional love, numerous reasons to laugh, and he's taught us valuable life lessons. I'm incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful father. Growing up, I always loved when family and friends would tell me how much I reminded them of my dad. These days, I can only hope I'm half the person he is. I admire so much about who he is -- his humility, integrity, strong faith, wit, and wisdom. He works hard, and he remains grateful for his blessings. 

I will always look at my father and see the picture above. I obviously don't remember this particular moment, but I remember finding it in a shoebox of photos years ago. If this picture doesn't epitomize love, I don't know what does. I keep it hung in our office. From time to time, I stare at it, smile, and my heart twinkles. This photo is definitive dad.
Happy Father's Day!
I love you very very much.
Thank you for always making us feel loved.
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