Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Need Read Greed

Today's Need Read Greed courtesy of Shannon Buckley — one of my favorite Instagrammers:
  • NEEDWith a few new pen pals up my sleeve (thanks, IG!), of course I want to send them the prettiest snail mail possible! I'm a sucker for anything and everything Rifle Paper Co. puts out, and this stationery is no exception. Anything covered in flowers is fine by me!
  • READSince being out of college the past couple years, I always try to be in the middle of a book so that my brain doesn't turn to complete mush. I'm a sucker for the bestsellers display at my local book store, so I picked this up recently. I'm only about half way through it, but from the get-go I got such a "Girls", as in the spectacular HBO show, vibe and I was hooked. Who doesn't want to read about dysfunctional twenty-something romances?
  • GREEDUp until last year, I was never a big costume jewelry person, but then I introduced myself to the amazingness that is J.Crew's in-store jewelry displays. My new mantra is the gaudier, the better! This stunner manages to be both blingy and subdued, which I'm so drawn to right now. I might as well just sign over my next several paychecks to J.Crew because all their latest necklaces are calling my name!

Thanks for sharing, Shannon! You totally sold me on the book (okay, and the stationery and necklace, too).
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