Thursday, August 8, 2013

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'Color Should Make You Happy' by Boden USA
Holy swoon! Have you seen Boden's fall collection? It will leave you feeling befuddled with the flood of magnificent colors and playful patterns. It's not often that I actually thumb through an old-school catalog. I usually just trash 'em the instant they're received. Of course, the exception to the rule is ALWAYS J.Crew's Style Guide (duh!) — I'm on pins and needles waiting for that to arrive in my mailbox! It wasn't until I moseyed down the hill this past Monday to check our mail that I laid eyes on Boden's latest catalog. My interest was piqued; I thought twice before chucking another catalog when I saw the beautiful cover image. It left me craving more of the rich colors and GORGEOUS styling! As I leafed through the pages, I realized the journey up and down our driveway was totally worth it. I wasn't sure if I was panting heavily because I was twitterpated or tired, but I knew I wanted to see MORE! When I finally made my way up to the house, I had to wipe the drool from my face because there were so many lovely images. The bold hues and hints of fall were driving me absolutely crazy cakes! I was so stimulated by the visual eye candy, I found myself breaking one of my major rules — dog-earing the pages. Say what?!? That's a big no-no for me, but my brain literally could not keep up with my excitement. As my girl, Sophia Grace, would say — it is just SO GOOD!

I'm sorry if you were expecting the usual Thursday's Thoughts, but I found this entirely too important NOT to share.
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