Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Blogger Buzz

1. // Lauren Felix of La Petite Fashionista

La Petite Fashionista Koozie: You never know when the occasion might arise during football season—I always like to have a LPF koozie on hand!

Samsung Galaxy Camera: A blogger's dream; perfect for uploading pictures on-the-go to all your social media feeds.

Naked Eyeshadow PaletteMy go-to eyeshadow palette in a convenient purse-sized compact. 

2. // Ashley Fine of One Fine Day
USPS Notification Slip: At any given time, you will find one of these peach paper slips in my bag. I'm a big fan of online shopping; it's just SO convenient and fun. However, we have a super steep driveway and our courier can't get his vehicle up to the house. Womp, womp! Needless to say, I visit the Post Office regularly to pick up my recently purchased loot! I toss the notification slip in my purse as a reminder that I have a 'piece of happy' waiting for me at the Post Office.

Backup Battery for iPhone: I'm on my phone probably too much, so it's imperative that I have this on me just in case I run out of juice. I should also note that I'm a sucker for anything with polka-dots, and it never hurts to have something cute AND functional in your bag.

'List Makers Gonna List' Notepad: In true Type-A fashion, I'm the queen of making lists. My sister sent me this adorable notepad from Sapling Press and it couldn't be more true.

3. // Meghan Anderson of Downtown Daydreams
Kate Spade Pocket Phone Case: I am constantly switching bags, clutches, totes — so sometimes I wind up pulling out cards from my wallet and tossing them into my bag loosely.  This case is just brilliant. It holds my ATM card, subway pass, and my work ID perfectly—that way I am not fishing around for the cards at the bottom of my bag!

Clinique's Chubby Stick: The saying 'mother knows best' holds especially true with my first pick. My mom introduced me to these fabulous lip balms. They achieve the look of lipstick, without the consistency. The 05 Plushest Punch is a top contender for my favorite.

Back-Up Jewelry and Makeup: My girlfriends all make fun of me and say that I am Mary Poppins because I always have multiple pieces of back-up jewelry (and makeup) in my bag. You never know where the night is going to take you! I bought this BaubleBar piece recently at their SOHO PopUp shop [ended 8/14] in NYC and love that you can wear it with everything from white t-shirts to cocktail dresses.

4. // Katherine Nolden of The Duchess of Plumewood
Business Cards: I had some made for myself in law school, and I've been handing them out like candy! It's not what you know, it's WHO you know!

Red Cross CPR Kit: Now that I'm certified, I carry it around with me  just in case I have to save someone's life.

Dog Treats: I always carry some for Winston just in case he needs a little encouragement to do something, or if he's being a really good boy!
5. // Laura Podlich of Beauty and the Beard
The Bow: At all times I either have greeting cards or ribbon/bows in my purse because I'm always afraid I'll forget someone's birthday or special event! It sounds crazy, but there have been multiple times I've slapped a bow on a last minute gift—it makes it look like it wasn't last minute!

The Ginger Ale: I am totally 25 going on 85 because Ginger Ale is my favorite drink. A can of the fizzy stuff is a constant in my bag!

The Ninja Figure: Okay, now I look 25 going on 5. I can explain! My dad sends me silly little gifts he gets out of 25-cent machines (he has since my sister and I were little) so I usually have one kicking around my bag. I'm sure when I go through airport security the TSA must think I am insane for those figurines, but whenever I come across one of them I think of my goofy dad and smile!

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