Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

FEELING: These days, I've found that I'm struggling to turn my brain off. I know that sounds silly, but I feel like I'm preemptively worrying about the logistics of our move. In my defense, we are TWO months away, but we're not working with Type-A(shley's) timeline, my friends. To put my mind at ease, I make lists. Lots of 'em. They're quite lovely, if I do say so myself — imagine sheets of lined paper adorned with fuchsia pink doodles and strips of colorful Washi scraps. Unfortunately, so many (BIG) items on the ol' to-do list can't be tackled at THIS very moment. I'm a doer, so the fact that I can't act NOW and cross items off the list for immediate satisfaction bugs me. And since I have to be patient, I can't stop obsessing about what's to come. The only remedy? Bravo TV to the rescue. Mazel, Andy! Perhaps the crazies of Orange County and New Jersey make me feel just a teensy bit more sane.

READING: One of the joys of blogging and social media is the opportunity to meet lovely and like-minded people. I recently learned about Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton via Instagram. Mary and Erika — two of my blogger friends and fellow military spouses — exchanged comments regarding the book. Since I have the utmost respect and adoration for both of these women, I just knew I had to get my hands on it. I believe their recommendations (eye creams, chili recipes, etc.) are golden! I'll keep you posted on my thoughts, but I have a feeling this book is appropriate now more than ever. After Mary posted THIS amazing review, I can't wait to crack it open. 

LISTENING TO: When it comes to music, I can be a wee bit silly. You see, I try to tune-in to songs, their meaning, and when they're played on the radio as though it's a special sign of what's to come, a message about my past, or a lesson to be learned. Okay, maybe I've watched one too many rom-coms and not-so-secretly wish my life came with a soundtrack AND maybe, just maybe, I read into things a lot. Call it divine intervention, but I was driving to work and spotted a C-17 taking off from the Honolulu area when I turned up the radio and heard Jake Owen's Anywhere With You playing on the local country station. It wasn't until that moment that I really stopped to listen to the lyrics. It couldn't have been more perfect for this current season of life. I'm fairly certain that when he talks about that "two lane running right through the middle of a wide open desert to a ghost town", he was describing Swell Rio to a T. And while I'm dissecting lyrics, I should also clarify that my dream house is NOT a double-wide trailer. 

THANKFUL FOR: Flyboy was gone for a few days, and I (naturally) missed him like crazy cakes. A few hours after he returned from his trip, I talked to my mom on the phone and she mentioned the "happy sound" in my voice was back. I was initially caught off guard because I like to think I always sound like that, but she was right. Despite his impending departure this weekend, I'm truly grateful for the time we do get to spend together. It's precious to me!

THINKING ABOUT: I'm a HUGE fan of Meg Biram's GSD (get shit done) series. I especially loved this week's post regarding five of Meg's healthy and convenient habits. Immediately after reading her post, I whipped out my lemon juicer and threw back a jug of lemon water. Now I'm convinced I need some smoothie straws and a Nike Fuel Band.

EATING: You'd think as much as I'm on Pinterest there would be no way for me to be in a recipe rut, but I have a confession. I can't bring myself to pin recipes unless the images are aesthetically pleasing (lighting and styling are key) and if the ingredients include some sort of combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Have you seen my food board? Then you know I'm not lying. Anywho, my mom stumbled upon this recipe from Buns In My Oven for Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sandwiches. I'm excited to make them tonight. It's about time we shake it up around here!

WATCHING: I'm ashamed to admit that Flyboy and I were a little late to the How I Met Your Mother party. I'm not sure what we were thinking, but we're hooked on the series. A few months ago, we started getting discs via Netflix and we hope to get caught up before the new season premieres this fall. I think we're going to make it happen! I know, it's impressive. Ha Ha! The characters are hilarious and the story is just so clever. We can't get enough!

LOVING: My love for hot pink knows no bounds, which leaves me lusting over this adorable Electric Arrow Pouch. I'm fairly certain this canvas clutch wants to come live with me. I really can't blame it! In other news, I tried a sample of Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, and I ended up buying a bottle of it a few days later. Ever since we moved to Hawaii, my skin has been so finicky. I think it might have something to do with the humidity, but I've had the hardest time pinpointing a skincare routine that works. I know exfoliation is key, but it tends to over dry my skin, which leads to awful breakouts. Yuck! I'm pleased to say that I've used this wash for the past week and it's worked wonders. I love the results so far! I've found that my skin absorbs my face lotion and creams better than before. I use this wash every other day in the morning, and I love how my makeup looks after I've used it. Swing by Sephora and snag a sample. You won't be disappointed!

What about you? How are you feeling today? What are you up to?

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