Tuesday, June 3, 2014


When my mom and sister visited in April, we cleared out the baby's room. In a few short hours, my mom painted it the loveliest shade of grey—it's simple and serene. Suddenly it was a lot easier to envision life with a little one, and I was eager to start the decorating process. The room is fairly small, and I knew that I didn't want it to feel like like your typical nursery. I wanted there to be classic elements, but mostly with a modern flair. I abhor the idea of themed rooms—no, thank you! And while I LOVE lots of color, I didn't want to walk by the room and feel like the Crayola Factory vomited all over our kid's bedroom. Eww. I thought about all the things I wanted to fill this little space with, and beautiful hardback books immediately came to mind. Can you ever have too many? Fun pops of color will come from shelves filled with bright tales and a few tchotchkes will add personality. Clearly, I plan on lots of texture (pom-poms, anyone?!) and a few shiny elements for good measure.

Days after my family visited, I started creating individual moodboards for Baby Fine. They were both a work in progress, but I had to have an option for a boy AND a girl. It was a particularly fun way to organize my ideas in Photoshop and gave me something to look forward to. Yay! I waited in anticipation to see which one I'd get to share with you, and I love how it's all come together. While the bones of the nursery are gender neutral, it's the art and knick-knacks that make it specific to either a boy or girl.


In addition to the items mentioned above, I plan to buy these curtains, this mobile, and use this IKEA bookcase as storage/changing station. This cart (in grey) from IKEA will come in handy as well! I love it when a plan comes together.

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