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THANKFUL FOR: I try not to pay too much attention to blog statistics, but I couldn't help but notice that these Thursday posts seem to be the most popular lately. It made me laugh because the posts I'm most proud of always have to deal with some element of layout or design—they're the ones that take me hours to whip up in Photoshop and when I get it just right, I might even beam a little. I'm so grateful to you and your loyal readership. You stop by often, and you continue to champion my quirks. Thank you! 

EATING: Bing Cherries all day every day. I would go so far as to say it's my official fruit of summer. Sorry, watermelon.

WATCHING: I must get all of this Bravo talk out of my system. What in the world has happened to Mama Joyce? I want to throw things at the TV whenever she opens her mouth on Kandi's Wedding. She's so awful. I can't take it! Oh, and that smug look she gets on her face. Yeesh! Then there's Shannon on RHOC. What are your thoughts? I find her incredibly whiny, and I'm over her martyr act. Andy, it might be time to give that girl the boot. I'm just saying... Also, Tamra is a real problem this season. What gives?! On the bright side, Carole and Heather of RHONY rock my world every Tuesday night. I want to know them! They're a hoot and a half. Don't get me started on Ladies of London. It's kind of my latest obsession. Juliet cracks me up, and I'd give anything for that sweet little daughter of hers. Marissa is a whackadoodle, but incredibly entertaining. How does Caprice look like that at 8 months pregnant? Annabelle is a rather mysterious character with a killer wardrobe. Phew, it feels good to get that off my chest.

FEELING: To all of my readers who love or own cats, earmuffs please. Two years ago, I shared ten random things about myself in this post. Here's the deal, I really despise cats. Nothing's changed; they still scare the bejeezus outta me. When we moved into this house, I knew the transition wasn't going to be an easy one. How did I come to this conclusion? We were greeted by a rando cat when they gave us the keys to our rental and it would not leave the property. I stomped my foot and squealed. It wasn't phased. This was my living hell. A day or two into unpacking, Flyboy and I realized that our new feline friend would become a recurring issue. But wait, there wasn't just ONE, there were FIVE. Where in the Swell Rio are these things coming from?! There's a two-pet rule on base, so who owns this kitty clan? I was all fired up. They were chewing our plants, and killing squirrels and birds in the front yard. Finding paw print marks on the hood of The Rig was the final straw. I'd had enough, and I knew exactly where they all lived. Flyboy and I had no choice but to complain. Although we've been assured that they've taken action to prevent anything else from happening, the cats still come and go as they please. We live on a military base, so you're going to have to conform to the rules. Is that too much to ask?! Why are their pets my problem? My goodness, now I just sound like an old bitty!

THINKING ABOUT: Pregnancy makes you do weird things. For example, I recently purchased some compression socks and a pair of Rachel Zoe's Skimmies. What the what?! I'm honestly kind of embarrassed to be sharing these details with you, but I feel like my Thursday's Thoughts posts serve as a weekly confessional. You might find yourself asking WHY I bought these things, and I can't say I blame you. In fact, I still scratch my head whenever I see them folded in my dresser drawer. While I don't plan on wearing both items together (Or do I?), I figured it might not hurt to have them on hand for preventative measures. As a lifelong worry wart, I fear things like varicose veins and visible panty lines. I realize this post has made me age several decades, but there will be no swelling, spider veins, or clingy mishaps on my watch. And no I don't believe Rach has any need for Skimmies. That's bananas.     

LISTENING TO: A little over three years ago, Flyboy was a student pilot at Laughlin AFB. Since our return, he's taken on the role of instructor. It's kind of adorable to listen to him discuss details from his day over dinner. He's become really attached to his job, and I think he's enjoying himself. When he talks about the progress he sees each day in his students, there's a lot of pride. I get a little glimpse of what he'll be like as a dad, and quite honestly it's pretty darn cute.

READING: I stumbled upon this quote recently, and I guess it kind of stuck with me. Suddenly the magic of the unknown (Oh, motherhood, hello!) excites me. There's still SO much to do to before his arrival, but I feel really prepared to learn and love with all my might. And suddenly you just know…it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”—Meister Eckhart

LOVING: Aside from the fact that my tube melted on its way to Swell Rio (sigh), I can already tell that I'm smitten with the NARS Matte Multiple Stick in Laos. I played around with what little product I could, and I've found it offers a really natural flush look to your cheeks and subtle color to your lips. In the past, I had to pass on the NARS Multiple Sticks because there was too much shimmer for me, and it drew attention to my less-than-perfect complexion. I was pleasantly surprised with the matte option. This one's a keeper, folks! Thankfully, Nordstrom customer service went ahead and sent a replacement. Hooray!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

P.S. I'm sorry if I offended you with my cat spiel. Can we still be friends?!
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