Monday, June 2, 2014


B stands for BOY—and that's exactly what we're having!
A snapshot from my sister. I surprised her with a Bonjour Balloon. They're like sunshine in a box!
Probably one of my favorite note cards. Ever. Eat your heart out, Donna Meagle.
Flyboy's idea of the perfect weekend.
While FB likes to pedal and sweat, I look forward to our Pancake Sundays.
No Peonies for me this year. Sigh. But George Strait on the cover of Texas Monthly is kinda the same thing, right?!
Clearly I've got a lot to learn about children's sizes. It looks like we'll be prepared for puddle two years!
A sweet gift from my sister. I successfully hid them from Flyboy and devoured them on my own. I'm surprised he didn't see sprinkles everywhere.
Snail mail from sweet friends has a way of brightening the dullest of Swell Rio days. Thank you all SO much!
In case you couldn't tell from the top photo, we're having a BOY! Keeping this little nugget of info from you these past few days has been quite the challenge. I apologize for getting you all amped up, only to leave you hanging. Oops, that was rotten! But I'm sure you can understand we had to inform all of our family and close friends before blasting the BIG NEWS on social media. 

Now that everyone is in the loop, I should tell you that I was completely blindsided when the technician told us we were having a baby boy. What the what?! For weeks, I had imagined the idea of a little girl, and I had envisioned all the accessories I'd buy her and all the glitter we'd play with. It felt so real. I've never been so confident in my life. Ha Ha! Can you say delusional? I was afraid to tell anyone that I had such strong feelings it was a girl because I knew there was a good chance I'd be wrong, but I really thought this is what they meant when they use the term "mother's intuition." Clearly, I still have SO much to learn. In fact, I'm beginning to think my dad was on to something when he sent me the following email 12 days ago:
"Weirdest dream last night...I was playing with the cutest little boy I'd never met before and he kept debating with me. He kept saying "I wanna be an actress!"  And I kept telling him, "You can't be an actress. You have a ding dong. You have to be an actor." This went back and forth several times before I tickled him and made him laugh. Then I woke up.  What the what??? Was it a vision? Am I clairvoyant? We shall see..."
Some day I plan on sharing this story with our son. It appears his Gampy was on to something when he emailed me on May 21, 2014. Not to mention, it's far cuter and funnier than my version. What boy wants to hear his mom was certain he was a girl?
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