Wednesday, June 18, 2014


My PAK Essentials
When I found out I was expecting, I had an epic meltdown. Okay, there were actually a lot of those, and most of them dealt with the fact that I worried having a kid meant I'd have to forgo my favorite things—like a great wardrobe and fabulous accessories. Irrational? Yes. Shallow? Maybe just a smidgen. I knew it was bad when I lost all inspiration to organize my closet. I mean, when would I EVER turn down an opportunity to arrange and color coordinate pretty things? I couldn't help but think, "Why put all this stuff away when I can't wear it, and it will never fit again?" Dramatic, I know. When I'd tell others I was pregnant, I'd get comments like "Well enjoy looking cute and put together now, you won't in nine months!" I started to take all of this nonsense to heart, and I believed my J.Crew-loving, clutch-toting days were numbered. After all, you can't have nice things when you have kids, right?!

A few weeks after I announced the big news on my blog, I received the most thoughtful package from the ├╝ber-talented Blair Ritchey. I quickly opened the box to find a sweet surprise and a glimmer of hope. Eek, it was another one of her gorgeous bags! I was absolutely overwhelmed by her generosity. This time, Blair gifted me with her latest design, the PAK—which is named after her dear friends, Paige, Anne, and Kristin. The pouch was originally designed with them in mind because all three ladies have children and in Blair's words, "Moms still want to be stylish and carry luxury pieces, too." Reading those words was like music to my ears. 

Blair went on to explain features of the PAK that make it functional. "Lined with Ripstop Nylon, it can be wiped clean on the inside; you never know when you may need somewhere to stuff a banana peel. This design is more structured so it will sit up on its own, and it's easy to open and close with one hand. It's perfect to keep in a diaper bag, or used as a clutch or crossbody. For those of us that aren't moms yet, it's the perfect traveler. When I travel, I store my in-flight essentials inside it and then place it in my Lango Messenger." While it's designed with travelers and moms in mind, jet-setting and kiddos aren't required for purchase!

Getting to know Blair over the past two years has been such a treat. I honestly should have known that she would be the one to restore my hope in being a stylish mom. Thanks, Blair! Having used my PAK religiously for the past two months (it makes me feel so fancy), I'm incredibly excited to incorporate it into my new role as fashionable mom. It's a beautiful thing when form and function mingle, my friends! When I flaunt this beauty around the border, I feel a little more prepared for what's to come. Gorgeous accessories seem to have that effect on people. Give this girl a great bag and she can conquer the world— or at least Swell Rio!

For more of Blair's collection, be sure to visit her website and follow the talented designer on Instagram

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