Thursday, June 5, 2014


This tumbler from Ashley Brooke Designs just seems fitting these days.
THANKFUL FOR: One of the sweetest things about being pregnant is the genuine excitement and happiness you witness from family and friends. It's been an absolute treat to hear them talk about their future with our little one. He's their baby, too! I love that they take ownership of him. It reminds me what a blessed future he has ahead of him and all of the wonderful people he'll be surrounded by. It tugs at my heart strings and erases any worries I have about silly details like strollers and parenting guides. 

EATING: What's a pregnant girl to do when she's got a serious hankering for Kalbi—Korean BBQ Short Ribs?! She starts scouring the web for recipes and plots the next time she can sweet talk Flyboy into firing up the grill. Yep, that's EXACTLY what she does!

WATCHING: Orange Is the New Black returns on Friday for its second season. No wait, it gets better... Flyboy is leaving for a quick weekend trip. Are you stinkin' kidding me?! I wish that meant I got to binge watch without him, but we have this pact where we tune-in together. You guys, being faithful to your husband and your TV shows is hard work! I don't think there are enough trips to the Home Depot or Tractor Supply to keep me preoccupied from Friday to Sunday. Wish me luck; I'm SO going to need it! 

FEELING: In Flyboy's absence, I'm eager to check a few items off my to-do list that aren't necessarily the kind of tasks you want to complete when he's around and we could be having fun instead. I'm talking about things like organizing my closet, creating future blog posts, getting crafty, etc. Maybe this is just me trying to make lemonade out of lemons. While I wish it was gin-spiked lemonade, you bet I'll reward myself with oodles of Bravo, a manicure, and maybe something with chocolate and peanut butter.

LISTENING TO: This week's ear worm courtesy of Coldplay's song A Sky Full of Stars. Their lyrics are so repetitive and catchy. "'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars..." We get it, you miss Gwyneth already. That doesn't mean I have to.

THINKING ABOUT: In the spirit of keeping things real around here, can we talk about Tripp and his disgusting dog habits?! Why does he find it necessary to scoot on every one of our rugs? I know what you're thinking, "You need to get his glands squeezed." Yes, we do that regularly—not to worry. I really truly believe he does it to punish me. Oddly enough, I have this sixth sense. No matter where I'm at in the house, I can usually feel when he's up to something mischievous and gross. I'll run from the bedroom to the living room and he's at it. In the midst of a slumber, I'll wake up to see him staring at me, just scooting away. I swear he wears an ornery smile when he does it. This dog constantly tests my patience and the only forgiving thing about him is the adorable seersucker bow-tie he wears when he does it. Now, on to prettier things...

READING: Did you happen to catch the June issue of Matchbook Magazine? It was an interior design dream, I tell you! I don't want to spoil it, but Loren Hope's studio is featured and it's flipping fabulous. Every detail is just as lovely as I imagined. Just when I think the issue couldn't get better, they upped the ante and let us into the world of design goddess, Emily Henderson's home.

LOVING: At my last doctor's appointment, I was told I needed to work on getting more Vitamin D. Okay, fine by me! As a big milk drinker and sun lover, I don't think this has EVER happened, but you can bet I'm ready to get those levels up! As a result, Flyboy and I visited the base pool last Sunday. It was the first time we wore our swimsuits since we departed Hawaii back in October. Le sigh. Reminiscing about our Sunday fun days of the past, we set out to take a dip in the name of Vitamin D and beat the 100-degree temps. While the scenery wasn't quite the same as Windward Oahu (tear), it was nice to cool off and catch some rays.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

P.S. Here's hoping this whole "dog shaming" thing actually works! Tripp is embarrassed by the details divulged in today's post.
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