Wednesday, August 13, 2014


What's the point of blogging if you're not posting about what's relevant to you and your life at THIS moment?! Well, as annoying as it is, I've got two things on m' mind and they both begin with the letter M. Yep, my life right now seems to revolve around Maxwell and Marfa. When I sat down and thought about what to write or create for the blog this week, I couldn't deny the excitement that surrounds our upcoming trip and a new season of life that awaits us this Fall. Even though the Texas-style babymoon we've planned is all about Flyboy and me, I couldn't help but wonder how I could bring a little Marfa to Max. I guess when you waddle around with an enlarged midsection, there's no denying the love goblin—he's always on my mind in a Willie Nelson sorta way.

  • A trip to Marfa wouldn't be complete without a dusty and barren landscape and the occasional prickly plant. This cactus drawing by Elizabeth Graeber makes the desert foliage a whole lot cuter on paper than they are in real life.
  • It's important we bring a taste of El Cosmico to Swell Rio, so as soon as our little guy gets to an age where we can play, you know I'll find a place for this adorable teepee. The orange stripe is just precious.
  • A trip to this hippy-dippy West Texas town calls for the ubiquitous Vee-Dub van. I'm terribly smitten with this plush bus.
  • This Texas native will need to learn the ropes of the Lone Star State. This book ought to do the trick! Oh, and if he could learn to speak his mom's language, then he's going to want to brush up on The Art Book. Just sayin'....
  • Snakes are part of the Texas landscape. Eww, why do boys love that stuff?! At least Sophie the Sleepy Snake is cute!
  • It will feel like Max scored at Farm Stand Marfa with this crate of vegetable rattles. Just don't eat them, little man.
  • It's important to look the part, no matter where you go. Fringe booties scream teepees and Marfa. Am I right?! Oh, and you can't go wrong with a trusty pair of jeans, a sweet tee, and some shades.

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