Monday, August 18, 2014


I received the coolest care package from a dear friend last week, and it included a set of vintage flash cards. Eek!
Color me smitten! It's always a joy to play around with Blair Ritchey prettiness. 
This cuteness arrived over the weekend, and I about passed out because it's so stinkin' precious. I suppose dressing boys isn't so bad...
Lately, this has been my go-to arm party. It complements practically every outfit and adds a fun factor to any ol' day.
I spent an afternoon reconnecting with my DSLR camera. Naturally, I grabbed a few cheerful props.
A weekend snail-mail sesh is so much sweeter with snazzy note cards and glitter stickers.
Proof I successfully made those Spicy Fish Tacos I mentioned in last week's Thursday's Thoughts. I'm telling you, they're delish!
"Because you know I'm all about that Bees, ' bout that Bees, 'bout that Bees, my Berner..." I'm sorry, I just had to! She's bringing booty back.
The latest adorable addition to Max's growing library. Thanks, Mom and Dad! This book is just perfect.

Happy Monday, m' dears! How the heck are you?! We're just keeping it swell in The Rio. We had one of those GSD weekends in which Flyboy and I showed Saturday and Sunday who's boss. With a fun weekend ahead of us (Hello, Austin and Marfa!), it only seemed right to check a few items off the ol' list. At 32 weeks preggo, I probably should have had things like Max's closet completed, but my mom assures me this is just my way of learning to be more laid back. While I still believe it was procrastination at its finest (Hey, sometimes I'm Type A-, maybe even more like B+.), I'll try to buy her rationale. With FB's know-how, he assembled a few drawer units to add to the nursery closet. Woo Hoo! They both came equipped with a booklet of pesky instructions and a gazillion screws. It was bad, really really bad. In fact, I probably owe the poor guy a case or two of beer. In addition to our little man's closet, we managed to hang a few shelves and a curtain rod. Of course, as I type all of this, I realize it was FB that was the productive one this weekend. I spent the past two days barking commands and exercising my index finger by pointing at where everything should be placed. Yep, it was a Bossy Pants dream! With those random tasks out of the way, I feel like I can finally enter nesting mode with zeal. I'm excited to sprinkle knick-knacks throughout the room and hang all of his adorable clothes. Things are really starting to come together. Yahoo!

Enough about me. Let's chat about YOU! What did you do this weekend that made you grin from ear-to-ear? Do tell.
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