Monday, August 4, 2014


"The details are not the details. They make the design." — Charles Eames

Happy Monday, m' dears! Here's a glimpse at how I'm putting the swell in Swell Rio these days...
  • On Sunday, we hit the 30-week mark. Yowzah! I kind of knew it would make me a tad bit emotional, and I was right. Something about hitting this milestone made things feel really real. I couldn't help but count the number of weekends we have as a couple and all of the things that need to come together before Max arrives. Deep breaths, Ashley...
  • This past week, HEB delivered in a BIG way. They actually had a decent flower selection to choose from. By decent, I  mean they had blooms that weren't dyed like Easter eggs or sprinkled with silver glitter. Yahoo! I really wanted to personally thank the florist for brightening my week. I'd say this orange and green bouquet was made for me!
  • While Flyboy spent his Saturday morning cycling, I exercised my right to accessorize. That's pretty much the same thing, right?! Also, how fabulous are these pieces by Blair Ritchey? Color me obsessed with the stripe detail.
  • Somehow I ran out of my favorite all-purpose cleaner, so I had to fix that and stat. Once again, Amazon Prime delivers and our house smells of Mrs. Meyer's basil scent. Hooray for simple pleasures! The Danny Tanner in me is quite pleased.
  • Big Tex is braggadocious and requested I share his latest growth spurt with you. The fact that he's surviving with me as his caregiver is kind of mind blowing. I even had to add a rod to the pot for extra support. His leaves are GINORMOUS!
  • I absolutely adore our sunny outdoor umbrella. Whenever the pups and I need a quick moment to escape, we'll head outside with a spot of lemonade for a hot second. Inevitably I start sweating and they begin to pant. Hey, we tried!
  • I can't seem to get enough of this necklace. The colors are just so stinkin' cheerful, and it matches with everything.
  • Beesly has always been the best dog, but lately she's been testing me in every way possible. I'm not sure why she's acting out, but I'm at my wit's end. I have a feeling this is one of those subtle reminders that a new normal is on its way.
  • The best part about a new month? Switching out your calendar, of course! August, you're looking mighty fine.
  • What's the secret to adding flair to any mundane day? I found the answer in this top. The pom-poms get me EVERY time.
  • Sharing news about the Snail Mail Exchange last week wasn't easy. Part of me feels like I'm letting you guys down in a BIG way, and I hate that! The logistics of assigning pen pals can be rather time consuming, and I know that I could make better use of the time once Max arrives sending snail mail to family and friends or creating a snazzy blog post.

Enough about me. What swell thing did YOU do this weekend?! I'm dying to know.
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