Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Look, I'm not saying you should treat yo self. I'm just doing my part to help you avoid any purchases that might turn out to be an Etsy regretsy, and we wouldn't want that. So go on and push that little heart button. You know you want to...
  1. White Knotted Sleeper by childHOODS // Not only is it adorable, it's functional too! You can bet I'll be ordering one of these to add to Max's collection. The fact that it color coordinates with his nursery is one of those details that makes my heart sing.
  2. Congrats Card by My Dear Fellow Co. // This shop was one of those recent discoveries that made my eyes light up with excitement. The best part? The paper goods company was founded by a husband and wife duo based out of Dallas, TX. Hey, y'all! Their collection is so cute, I'd be proud to add any of their cards to my stationery wardrobe.
  3. Monty the Sleepy Fox by Sara Carr // When my mom and I discuss the nursery, we've decided adding one of these cuddly creatures is a necessity. I just can't decide between the fox or the slug. Thoughts? Preferences? I could use some assistance.
  4. Handmade Bead Necklace by Not Tuesday // Much like the necklace I featured in yesterday's post, this one is vibrant and simple. Lately I've been gravitating toward easy pieces with a subtle hint of flair. Charming isn't it?!
  5. Bossy Ceramic Mug by Miss Poppy Design // This is just the sort of coffee cup you'd expect the eldest sibling to love, right??

Have you stumbled upon any like it, love it, gotta have it, Etsy treasures lately?
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