Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Many people view the New Year as an opportunity for change and growth. I've never been one who's big on resolutions, but the Type-A(shley) wackadoodle in me brakes for goals and lists. Why not get in the spirit of things and have a little fun with my resolution?! While Flyboy has opted to go the physical route and plans to race the Tour de Gruene this fall, I've decided on something that's equally strenuous. I resolve to try two new gin cocktail recipes a month. I suppose you find this goal to be lofty and arduous, and you're exactly right. You may even ask yourself, "How will she pull this off?" Have no fear, m' dears. The tenacious side of me is ready to take on the task at hand in the name of 2015. I'm thirsty, willing, and ready for the challenge. Let's jump for gin and juice!

Did you make a New Year's resolution? Do tell.

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