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THANKFUL FOR: Words can't express how grateful I am that I "met" Jen of Lemon Drop Love via the blog world. We started emailing when we found out we were both pregnant at the same time. We exchanged emails with similar worries, and she was incredibly patient with my untimely responses or lack thereof. Oops, sorry Jen! Shortly after both babies arrived, she emailed to check on Max and me. She kindly gave me her number and we began texting back and forth just recently. It turns out that she has been experiencing a lot of the same struggles with colic. When we realized that we were enduring similar obstacles, we started to exchange stories and tips. She's been an absolute godsend these past few weeks while Flyboy has been away, and I don't think I'll ever be able to thank her for the support she's offered me. Colic is one of those topics that can be really hard to discuss with people who've never dealt with the issue. It's been so refreshing to have someone to turn to that really gets it.

FEELING: My plucky pup's pill-popping days are in the past! Woo Hoo! In case you couldn't tell by the alliteration, I'm clicking my heels with joy. Over the last three weeks, all eighty pounds of stubborn sass continued to fight the good fight, but we managed to get through the remaining tablets successfully. With lots of creativity, I met her tenacity with all sorts of tricks. Some worked and some didn't. Her persistence was impressive, but all modesty aside, so was mine. It's what I like to lovingly refer to as the battle of the b*tches (pardon my French). Now that it's behind us, I think we both share a newfound appreciation and respect for each other.

THINKING ABOUT: My Facebook feed is typically filled with mom-related posts shared by friends and various blogs that I follow. While I should probably take the time to look at some of them —I could learn a thing or two—I'm usually too busy reading about Twitter feuds between Bravolebrities. Hey, sometimes I need a break from this whole mom gig! Anywho, I was scrolling through posts and statuses one evening and saw a link shared by Little Hip Squeaks. Have you seen this commercial? I'm really glad I took the time to watch it. Who knew a formula ad could be so powerful? At first you'll find it comical, but the end is what really surprised me. As a new mom, I've felt very self conscious about one of the major decisions I made for myself and Max. I've been hesitant to share my thoughts on the blog or confide in friends because I was afraid I'd be judged. For the majority of my pregnancy I thought I would breastfeed (Breast University Alumni represent!); however, weeks leading up to Max's due date I came to the conclusion that I would bottle feed. With hormones and stress at an all-time high, my migraines were out of control during the first and third trimesters. I went 39 weeks without my medication, and I wasn't sure I could survive any longer without it. I couldn't help but wonder how I could possibly take care of a newborn when my head was pounding? As I hemmed and hawed, I got all sorts of lectures as to why "breast is best" and my nurse warned me I'd never lose the baby weight if I didn't at least give it a shot. I couldn't help but take it personally when complete strangers would ask if I planned to nurse and they seemed disappointed or shocked by my honest reply. I felt like I couldn't be confident in my decision, especially when I saw ads plastered on buses and highway billboards that warned me my child may never be a genius because I opted to not breastfeed. My goodness, I suppose I'll just have to make more flashcards or something?! Ha Ha! Quite honestly, I never realized that it would take almost three months to come to terms with my decision to do what was best for me. When Max arrived and they placed him on my chest, I couldn't enjoy the moment because I was too caught up on whether or not I'd made the right call. I felt like I had to defend my decision to the nursing staff; it was overwhelming. Weeks later, I remember feeling embarrassed to whip out a bottle of formula at Starbucks. It seems ridiculous, but I felt like less of a mother because I wasn't nursing. Watching this commercial reassured me that there's no shame in doing what's best for you because in the end that's what's best for your baby. If people could only come together and support one another's decisions there wouldn't be any room for mom shaming and guilt. We're all just trying to do the best we can with what we've got.

LISTENING TO: I'm not entirely sure why I choose to listen to the iTunes Lullaby Station while Max naps throughout the day. Perhaps it makes me feel like I'm earning extra mom brownie points? Or could it be the key to long naps and productivity while he snoozes? Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment? Yep, that's definitely it. By listening to the station, I've learned the range of songs they offer in lullaby form is quite extensive. Sometimes I'll hear a tune and it will stop me in my tracks. Some "tributes" are a lot easier to decipher than others. One afternoon I heard everything from Bob Marley's Get Up, Stand Up to Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places. I started to giggle uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of the lullaby options available. Is this supposed to make it bearable for parents? Maybe it's a test to see if you're paying attention? Since when is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star no longer enough?

WATCHING: When Flyboy left, I promised him that I'd wait to watch any new episodes of Parks and Rec until he returned. It's been tough, but I've honored the agreement because I'm trustworthy like that. I just really feel like this past week was a test to see how vulnerable I am right now. Is it true that Tom and Donna reunite for a Treat Yo Self 2017? Oh. Em. Gee. This ought to be epic!!

EATING: I'm hosting a little baby shower/brunch on Friday for a friend, and I'm pretty pumped to prepare something other than soup or fish and roasted veggies. I plan to make this quiche and this granola for fruit and yogurt parfaits. Max and I are headed to the grocery store today to get the goods. I'm not sure what else I'll add to the menu, but I should probably get it figured out soon. 

READING: Don't tell this to anyone, but I've got two issues of Real Simple magazine that haven't even been touched. It's a travesty, but I hope to change that this weekend and get nose deep in the January and February issues. Nap time, anyone?!

LOVING: I had a J.Crew gift card burning a hole in my pocket and decided to pull the trigger on this Uptown Tote Bag in bright flame. It's schlep-tastic, which is precisely what you need when you carry around a bunch of miscellaneous baby gear. I'm especially excited about the snap closures, which allows you to fold in the sides. It's like I'm getting two bags in one.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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